Some of the classmates tricked our cute instructor that it wasn’t our last lesson last night. I’m not quite sure if they did it intentionally or they were just as confused, though they were laughing all the way which made it seem more like the former. The first lesson a couple of months ago was postponed as the instructor was sick and unable to make it to the class, which meant that the last lesson would be a week after the original date set in the schedule. The instructor got really confused by the mischievous classmates and declared that we should have one last lesson next Wednesday.

On the other hand, Cyn was very certain that it was our last lesson and I trust that because she marks everything down in her schedule book. I wouldn’t know because I never bother to keep track of such things or anything for the matter of fact. But I just checked through the calendar and realised that the instructor had really been punked haha. I feel bad for him, not because he’s cute, but because it’s really tiring to teach a CardioMix class and he’s not going to get paid for next week’s lesson. Let’s see how. Maybe he’ll realise the truth and cancel the class.

I enjoy my CardioMix classes thoroughly. The same with my Yoga lessons. I can’t stop moving about when I’m in class. It’s like hyperactivity, but I guess that I’m just feeling very relaxed and happy. My Yoga instructor took some time to get used to it. Initially he was kind of shocked to see me shaking my limbs all the time when we were just standing up, waiting for instructions to do the next set of poses or exercises. Now he knows that I’m just trying to loosen my muscles in my limbs haha.

Anyway Cyn REALLY brought my Song Seung-heon back from Korea!!!


Haha the images are so blurred because I took them with my handphone at such a close range.

Anyway thanks babe! *muacks*