A mental block again. I can’t write anything half decent.

I guess I can account this to the pretty poor sleep I had last night, waking up at 430am feeling uncomfortable and not being able to fall asleep until half an hour later. Then I was awakened by my alarm clock slightly more than one hour later. It was dreadful. I felt like dying. *sigh* 

Nike Ambassador

 On the other hand, we are having our last CardioMix class tonight! As shitty as I feel on most Wednesdays (the hump day of the week) and super sleepy and lethargic on the way to the class, I always manage to feel hyped up when I step into the studio. It is the oddest.

Anyway I’ll miss the cute instructor…


…for a week until the new class starts. 🙂 

And oh yah, Cyn’s back! *woohoo*