I am NOT feeling too articulated today. *sigh*

I started an entry on some issue which I have wanted to touch on since a while back, typed some 500 words and eventually gave up, ironically much to my despair. But the words were really stubborn about coming out through the sulci of my brain, a mental constipation of some sort. Writer’s block haha?

Anyway it’s the much feared Audit Week over here, translated to hide-and-seek week for the staff. We hide while the auditors seek haha. I’ve been hiding in my office since Monday, only coming out for lunch. One will need a security pass to get into my office and the auditors have no business to be here anyway, so it’s super safe. On the other hand, it’s freaking scary to be anywhere else on the compounds (probably except the washrooms, carparks and food places) because you risk bumping into the auditing team and kena bombarded with questions from them. If you fail to answer correctly, you may cause your department to fail, and possibly the entire hospital to fail, and the music you have to face ultimately is incessant scolding from your boss. That is why the FOUR angmoh auditors (yes, only four and yet so scary) have been sending shivers down everyone’s backs even before arriving this week.  

I actually saw them along the corridors TWICE today. But twice, I was able to run away in time. *phew*

It’s quite a terrible feeling being stuck in office all day long with nothing much to do. I have a fair bit on my mind lately, though nothing suicidal and unpleasant, but it has been slightly mind boggling. Maybe that’s what has been clogging my brain, resulting in an uncoherent flow of words even though the flow of thoughts in the mind is smooth. I think I need some time alone, but gawd, that’s what I have been thinking most of the time ever since this year! I hope I’m not isolating myself from the world and my loved ones either purposefully or unintentionally. I hope this is simply a normal phase of growing up!


Random shot:

Took me two weeks to realise that the month July was spelt incorrectly on a calendar at home.

Then again, I never keep track of time. (-.-)