She must have gotten bored from swimming in the amniotic fluid (and her own fetal urine) in total darkness…



Everyone, welcome our dear Ashley, born to her proud parents on 5th July 2008.


As you can see, I’m very happy.

In fact, “happy” is seriously an understatement. It’s so hard to describe the feeling of pure delight and awe seeing the little baby girl for the first time, mere hours after her first cry, lying sound asleep beside her mummy. I couldn’t help but felt mild disbelief as the last time I saw Ashley, which was just a few days ago when we girls met up for dinner, she was still tucked safely inside her mummy’s belly! There she laid now, all tiny and wrapped up warmly in her pink towel. It was a bit unreal but there was a great deal of tranquility feeling, although not first hand but second hand, the true miracle of life. 

Even the mummy herself said, “I can’t imagine how I held her in my tummy all this while”. But it was not difficult to see that she is in heavenly bliss. We in turn feel so happy that she’s so happy haha. And do you know that she had a super easy delivery?! It was an induced delivery, she was put on epidural analgesia and less than half an hour later, she was done. NO PAIN FELT AT ALL. No drama, no screaming her head off, no cursing her hubby, no clawing her hubby’s arms in pain and anguish, no “I don’t want to give birth anymore!!!!”. She was damn lucky. Little Ashley weighed about 3kg upon birth and I’m so relieved that both the mummy and the baby are so healthy and well. Because it was so smooth, fast and easy, she wanted another one soon! Good for Ashley. She’ll have a play companion soon. I guess PAP will be glad to hear that too.  

Gosh, just look at her. Isn’t she beaaaauuuutifuuuuulllll???  

Babies are just so beautiful. We spent our time there in Grace’s ward just looking at baby Ashley, even though she was just, well, sleeping and not moving a single inch initially. Her breaths were so shallow and calm! Later though, probably because of the lower temperature of the room (the nursery’s warm and comfy!) or because we visitors were too noisy, she started making gurgling sounds, or that was what we thought anyway. We ain’t too familiar with the baby sounds haha. May joked that maybe she was having nightmares from all the noise we were making. I did observe REM but babies’ dreams would just be dark and pretty quiet, I guess. Wonder if they can have nightmares and experience fear at such a young age of mere hours.

All the time though, the baby didn’t open her eyes. We were fighting to be the first one whom she would see should she wake up, but none of us had the final victory that night. And then, she finally cried! THAT WAS SO CUTE. We just went “ooohhhh” and stood there observing her tiny face crumbling as she bawled her lungs out. Doesn’t sound very compassionate, do we? Well, we were too engaged in her cuteness. The mummy herself wasn’t too concerned as well, saying that the baby would stop in a while. Her loud, high-pitched cries went for ten seconds and that was when the mummy started to panick. She was like “Erm, oh no, how huh?” and Ashley just stopped crying abruptly! So cute.   

The little darling is looking just like her mummy. Can’t wait to see her again. 🙂