The last time the self-acclaimed BIGGEST fan of my blog, my gooooodest friend, Cyn flew to Taiwan and Hong Kong for her company incentive trip, I specially asked her to dabao Andy 刘德华 back to Singapore for me should she bump into him in Hong Kong.

Now, did she?


She came back to Singapore without any Andy Lau in sight. She brought home 铁蛋,老婆饼,总统饼 and all sorts of piah, but no Andy Lau!

So-called BIGGEST fan but she couldn’t even do such a tiny task for me. Hrmph.

So is it too much of me to ask her to dabao 宋承宪 (Song Seung-heon) me for me now that she’s going to Korea for a week of fun-filled holidays from this Saturday onwards?

I mean, just how hard could it be??

But you know what she told me?

Her exact words were “wah lao last time went HK ask me dabao andy lau, this time ask me dabao ah heon. I go Africa help u dabao monkeys lah”.

But I don’t want monkeys from Africa! I can easily find long-tailed macaques in our nature reserves! I want diamonds!!


LOL. Just kidding, girl. Have a safe trip! 🙂