Sometimes I wish that I can be like the usual working executive, always complaining about work and bitching about their bosses – how much they hate their jobs, how stressful the workload is, how much they will give to change their jobs, how much they wish they can kick their bosses’ asses etc. But I cannot – I like my boss, I like my job (even though it can be boring sometimes), I like the hospital, I like (most of) the patients, I like (most of) the staff. I just don’t like (most of) the doctors. Besides, I don’t complain nor do I procrastinate. My mum didn’t teach me this skill, it’s her fault.

I don’t understand how people can dislike my boss. She’s one hell of a doctor whom I respect pretty deeply. She spends a lot of time on consultations with her patients instead of chasing them out with their prescriptions in one hand and the bill in the other after ten minutes. She lets them talk if they want. I know that the staff don’t really like that because the longer her clinic session, the longer they have to work. But I think since we are a hospital, don’t the patients come first? She’s damn smart, definitely the top notch in her field, highly valued in ALL hospitals, and she uses super BIG words (non-medical terms) which I’ve never heard of. She has visions and she is only 40. She’s one hell of a woman, let alone a doctor.

I do understand how my colleagues can find her intimidating though. Because she’s so busy most of the time, usually she looks a bit stressed out and hence kind of stern. Furthermore, having stayed in the States for a fairly long time, she speaks fast and fluently with an American slang, often a bit too loudly as well. But she’s really harmless. Although I’ve only worked with her for more than one year, I spend more time with her since I’m like her PA anyway. I’m the only one who has the chance, and no choice actually, to get to know her better. She’s not fussy, she doesn’t nag (phew!!!), she doesn’t have scary mood swings. She lets me do things in my own way and allows (or actually wants) me to be as creative and innovative as possible. She even has an actual sense of humour! *gasp* Yes, some doctors can be funny! And she says “Holy cow!” when she’s surprised! So cute, isn’t it? Who the hell will use the phrase “holy cow!” in Singapore?   

Yesterday she was complaining to me how this particular cardiologist, who is organising a talk where she will be giving a presentation this weekend, is getting on her nerves by requiring all the speakers to adhere to ridiculously unnecessary and meaningless rules for their Powerpoint presentations. It’s actually quite tough to irritate my boss but this cardiologist seems to be doing a good job. One of the rules is to use standard numbered bullet points for their slides. The numbered bullet points are the numbers one to five in different coloured boxes of the same size, for example, “1” in a blue box, “2” in a green one and so on.

Pardon my profanity, but it’s really sibeh bohliao, totally unnecessary and definitely a waste of time! Somemore these points are images which one will need to insert into the slide and shift around the place so that they fall neatly beside the words in a straight vertical line! So cute that my boss is pissed though because I am actually the one doing the entire powerpoint slides for her haha. She said it would be a total waste of my time (but I was free anyway). Which is very true but I would do it for her anyway, and I did it willingly, because her schedule is so packed and doesn’t allow spare time to do it.

The thing was after I had completed all the slides this morning and was happily looking through the slide show, she called and told me that the stupid cardiologist sent her the wrong color code for the numbered bullet points and introduced another stupid rule where point number 5 has to be a “don’t know” (it was a Q&A with five choices for each question). Which, holy cow and holy shit (might be the cow’s), meant that I would have to go through ALL the slides again and correct the necessary!          

I exclaimed incredulously and thus a bit louder than usual into the phone, “IS HE KIDDING ME??”

There, I shouted at my boss today. Shout at yours today too. (sounds like some advertisement)

Just kidding. We started laughing and cursing the cardiologist. Ok, we didn’t actually curse. We did a brief but deep analysis about the kind of psychiatric problems he may suffer unknowingly.

Some doctors are really screwed up. (not mine)