Yeaaahhhhh~ Today is the birthday of my self-acclaimed BIGGEST fan of my blog and also one of my ever closest friends!

Gosh! I just revealed how OLD you are!! I forgot that a woman’s age is her greatest secret and thus can never be revealed!

Well, who am I kidding. I’m just as old. Ok, maybe a few months younger. Notice how women always insist on the few-months/days-younger, few-millimetres-higher, few-grams-lighter shizz? Ya, that little bit of difference is crucially important to most of our self esteem haha.

Anyway life got to be one of the more quaint thing around. We were in the same secondary school for four whole years and never got to befriend each other. Although we had never been in the same class, we had a truckload of common friends, some of whom make up this tight group of girl friends we have now. In fact, she didn’t even have a good impression of me back in those blue-pinafore-with-white-blouse and three-fingers-high-socks days! That was shocking to me when she first confided the truth to me. I couldn’t understand how a lovable (人见人爱) girl like me could have people desiring to put a tight slap to my kawaii face!

Ok, who am I kidding again. I totally understood what she meant, but even back in those days, I didn’t care about what others thought of me.

It wasn’t until JC when we finally got to know each other through our mutual good friend, SQ. I think it was then when she could begin to associate me with something pleasant (like a rainbow!). Yet it was the university days when we took the same course, was forced to had the chance to spend a lot of time together and slowly got to know each other much deeper. I admit there were days when we felt like jumping at each other’s throat, which I believe is inevitable when you spend too much time with another person, but fortunately she was kind enough to leave my throat intact.

I don’t think I’m exactly easy to get along. I’m anal about my principles, I can be stubborn and I think I’ve many weird habits. That is why when someone manages to endure all these and stay by my side, I will really appreciate this person a lot, even though as much as I try, the appreciation may not be blatantly obvious. Then again, I also have to put up with her lame-ness and nua-ness, so maybe it’s all fair and square.

Hmm… *ponder* 

Ok, how on earth am I going to get away by saying all those. Urgh.

Anyway, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY, darling!

See you on Saturday! *clear throat and prepare*