I was just feeling around my neck with my right hand a bit distractedly (I guess because it was getting too freaking cold in the office) as I read my emails when I suddenly discovered a lump at the right side!

It is not humongous but one can see it with the naked eye! I kept probing it and squeezing it but I couldn’t decide whether it is hard (like a tumour) or soft and squishy (like a cyst)!

For a moment, I nearly freaked out!

I am very convinced that one day I’ll surely get cancer because both my paternal grandparents died of some sort of cancer, hence I may have inherited the genetic predisposition. Given my diet (fried food, the more burnt the better, oohhh all that carcinogenic soot!!!) and lifestyle (sun! years and years of exposure to carcinogenic UV!!!), I admit I am a bit obsessed with the notion of me contracting cancer as well.

When I suffer persistent headache haunting me for more than a day, I am certain that I have a tumour lodged somewhere amongst my gray and white matter. I won’t be logically considering it as a migraine.

When my bones ache, it may be bone cancer. No, not rheumatism. I think I’m too young for that but not for cancer.

When I get constipation or fart too much, I worry about colon cancer.

When I observe abnormal symptoms regarding my genitals, I swear it’s signs of cervical cancer! Hell, cervical cancer is the 5th most common cancer among Singaporean women. Every year, about 200 women are detected with cervical cancer and about 100 die from the disease! Scary!!

A mole on my boobs? Must be breast cancer.

Opps too much information? Sorry but I kid you not. If I’m going to go down with some illness, I think it will be cancer. Never mind that I have a congenital heart defect. I don’t think I ever push myself hard enough for my heart to overload itself seriously and just stop beating all of a sudden, like those poor NS men who just dropped dead.

I got quite concerned to the point that I felt like just grabbing any doctor in the office now and demanded that he examined my neck lump to see if it would be anything suggesting cancerous growth.

So much from being a Biology student. You read all about the spontaneity and randomness of the occurrence of cancer, and understand that it can suay suay happen to you anytime.  But of course I didn’t panick to the extent of bothering the doctors. I’m actually very sure that this may just be a cyst which will just miraculously disappear in a few days’ time.   

If it doesn’t, then…HELP!!!! IT’S CANCER!!!!