Was searching the Internet for possible prints to do my tattoo (yes, toying with the same idea every now and then) when I spotted these horribly inaccurate, and thus incredulously funny, tattoos of Chinese characters on angmohs.

Gosh! Why can’t they find someone who actually really knows Chinese to vet for them before they tattoo the characters on for life? Now they have to carry the joke on them for the rest of the life. The joke is literally on them. Unless they want to succumb to the disgustingly painful procedure of laser removal.  

坏男孩(or in Traditional Chinese: 壞男孩)would be cool but such a joke when the last two characters got mixed up!

AHHhhhhhh…sweet and sour pork?? We call that 咕噜肉 by the way.

Wrong spelling! Ahhhhh!!

Mirror image of a character!!! AHhhhhhh!!!!

They probably think they are all so cool with all the cheena shizz. Fellow Caucasians won’t know the difference but surely they find it weird when the Chinese chuckle behind their backs all the time?

Which is why I will never get a Roman or Hebrew tattoo, or anything in some foreign language. You will never know if you are really making a mistake and this mistake will follow you for life.


All images courtesy of Hanzi Smatter 一知半解.