YEAH!!!~ We are going to catch a performance tomorrow!!!~

Yes, it’s the “B-Boyz & Ballerina“, formerly known as “The Ballerina Who Loves a B-boy”.

Interestingly, what first caught my notice on Korean breakdancing crews performing in Singapore was a The Bag Page feature in Urban, Straits Times, on one of the b-boys. However, this dancer actually comes from a different crew from the one in B-boyz & Ballerina, and this internationally renowned crew, Last For One, has another dance performance “Spin Odyssey“, also at the Esplanade.

Unfortunately by the time I realised that I would want to catch the performance, it was showing the very weekend which was too rushed for me to gather the girls. Furthermore, we weren’t free. Imagine my delight when I soon discovered that we had another option: 

There’s quite a loadful of videos on this dance performance on YouTube as it is very famous in Korea itself. Which will probably bring the question to some of you: Why are we spending over S$50 to watch something which we can catch on the Internet? To which I will reply irritably: For the experience lah, duh. How could something that’s taken by people in the audience, using probably the video recording function of a digital camera, be compared to the real live performance itself? You can’t feel the vibe, you can’t hear the music blasting from the sound system, you can’t even see the dancers clearly, for goodness sake, because so many of the videos are not exactly taken by professionals!

Here are some snaphots from the pamplet:

And here’s a video to let you have a brief feeling of what we will be experiencing tomorrow:

I’m soooooooo excited! 🙂

More updates after the performance!