…when you receive your bonus which is the hugest lump sum of money you have ever seen in your life so far, and you think about how much you can put aside and save.

S-a-v-e. I’m actually trying to save. Quite unbelievable.

Previously, the only S-word I could do to my money was to spend.

Now I actually take out a piece of paper and a pen, write down the inevitable expenditure for the coming month like the credit card bill, the study and tuition fee loans, medical-related bills, calculate the balance and decide to save more than 85% of it.

I’m actually worrying about bills and other unavoidable costs incurring in the daily life!!!

I’m actually planning to save!!!

Gosh, I feel sooooo adult.    

My goodness, what’s next then?




On a sidenote, a colleague after subtracting her numerous installment payments for her credit cards, revealed that she only has $200 left to spend! Credit cards are EVIL!!!