Today is such a delightful day that I shall not blog for the rest of the day! Ok, that doesn’t make sense but well, happy people don’t make sense sometimes. Too much endorphins.

Reasons why I’m happy today:

  1. It’s a rainy day!!! I like gloomy days with skies laced with looming dark clouds, threatening Armageddon. Bolts of lightning flashing across the sky are beautiful. I can do without the heart-stopping thunder though.
  2. I had a yummy, fulfilling Western breakfast of scrambled eggs, hashbrown, baked beans and sausage, complete with Earl Grey tea.
  3. It is Day Four after my Varicella zoster vaccination and I’m still feeling fine!
  4. I finished my book, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini within a couple of days, although I should have read it eons ago after The Kite Runner. It is truly splendid!
  5. I have CardioMix later in the evening! I’ve a feeling that we’ll be doing kickboxing. 🙂

Ok, now for the real reason: We all received our bonuses today!!!!

Today is a good day to come to the hospital because everyone is really happy and will treat you really nice. 🙂