Ok, I admit. Sometimes I say the most atrociously amorous things which will make all my friends furrow their brows in mock disapproval and mild embarrassment and go “aiyoh” in unison. I say those in good humour, in all lightheartedness, to make people laugh, to entertain, but all my friends just end up thinking that I’m some kind of perv.

The pick of the day was when we bumped into the cutie from pharmacy, a temporary staff, at the cafeteria. Not my type, he’s still a boy, but my colleague (married *ahem* and a year older than myself) really has the hots for him. To the extent that she would go downstairs and pop into the pharmacy three times a day if he was on duty. After buying everything that she needed and would possibly need, she started asking everyone else if we needed anything from the pharmacy and offering to run the errands for us. LOL. I guess it all paid off because now she knew that he is studying/ has studied in Australia, can’t really speak Mandarin and is now on holidays. She also knew that his right arm was injured. (-.-)

When we met him at the cafeteria this afternoon, standing a few people behind him in the queue for payment, my colleague excitedly quipped that his right arm was still injured. To which I joked to my friends at the back of the queue, waaaaayyyy out of his hearing range, “Aiyoh, poor thing. Arm still injured. Come let me sayang sayang. Come, I give you a few kisses on the arm to make it better. Muack mauck muack muack.”

My colleagues instantly giggled and truly enough, went “aiyoh” in unison like some kind of symphony.

Great, I was just trying to be funny and entertaining, but now even my colleagues think that I’m a perv.