Having parents who are fans of 金庸 and have read every single book of his, from the first 《书剑恩仇录》to the last 《鹿鼎记》, this means that we know practically all of his works, particularly those which have been made into TV series or movies.

Having parents who are fans of 金庸, have read every single book of his, from the first 《书剑恩仇录》to the last 《鹿鼎记》, and can recite easily offhand the family tree and the love-hate relationships of ALL the characters, this means that we’ve also watched most likely ALL the TV series broadcast on local channels (although we can’t remember all), can recall the names of the lead characters in those we can remember and are definitely familiar with the martial skills and secret manuals in the shows.

All the 金庸 talk and watching has also caused us to have a great interest in 武侠片 and 功夫片. I’ve practically watched and loved the entire 黄飞鸿 series. I’m not into Bruce Lee 李小龙 though. We are so not girly.

My favourite game which I’ve invented myself is assaulting my family members with the kungfu moves used in the shows.

Ok, it’s probably not so much of an enjoyable game for my family as they are just getting hit by me, but it’s pretty fun. You all should try it on your family and friends.

It’s a fairly simple game. For example, I just hit my mum in her tummy with my palm and go “寒冰掌”. Or “黯然销魂掌”. Or poke her with my 一阳指. My favourite is of course “降龙十八掌” from《天龙八部》, because I get to hit eighteen times. I haven’t try “蛤蟆功” on anyone as yet. It’s a bit inconvenient to go on fours.

Yesterday I was kicking my sis with my “无影脚” to which my sis protested that it couldn’t really be 无影 because she could see it. So I pointed somewhere behind her and said urgently, “你看那边!”. She turned her head and I gave her another kick.  


Everyone else just collapsed and started laughing.


*You all know that I will never kick or hit anyone to inflict pain, right? It can’t be that painful anyway. LOL.*