I love children. I have always been fond of children but never before in the big way it has developed to be in the recent years. Maybe it’s my biological clock ticking away. Maybe it’s the automatic activation of the procreation system imprinted in the human genome – “M-U-S-T F-I-N-D A M-A-N. P-R-O-C-R-E-A-T-E. H-A-V-E B-A-B-I-E-S. (for made-in-Singapore models, of course the code will say to have three or more if you can)” I swore I heard an audible beep on the day of my twenty-first birthday followed by an almost silent but very steady rhythmic tick-tock-tick-tock.   

When I see babies, toddlers or children, I can’t resist but smile at him or her and make faces, wild, sometimes futile, attempts to make the child smile or laugh. When I see children sitting comfortably in the push trolleys in supermarkets, I’ll go “Which section did they get those babies? Let’s go grab one too!”. When I see babies in prams left aside abandoned for a while as their mums check out some interesting stuff, I will be sinfully tempted to steal those babies.

*sigh* I adore children, but I’m very unprepared for the husband that has to come with my baby.

When my colleague introduced me to this blog, she probably didn’t realise how much I would like it: Christmas Island-born and Perth resident Karen Cheng’s Snippets of Life. This lady really seems to have it all – she’s gorgeous; she’s a gorgeous-looking writer/designer/artist; aside from looks, she has a BA Design / Advertising; she has worked overseas (as an expat in Singapore, no less); she has an equally gorgeous husband; and, here comes the killer part for myself, she has, not one, but TWO suuuuppppeerrrrr duuuppppeeerrrrr cute boys!!!~ And she still manages to look hot after two pregnancies!

It’s rare moments like this when I think that the creator has not been very fair. I might not know envy, but her family is something I will crave for in the future.

Snippets of Life is essentially a website about women’s lifestyle, fashion and living a balanced and fulfilling life, covering topics like family, parenting, children, food, art and design, wining and dining, and online shopping. I think the girls will love it. I do, and the posts about her children and their adorable antics, complete with awwww-inspiring pictures, never fail to make me smile like a complete fool at my desk. Even if you don’t exactly fancy children (but how can you not!), there’re the numerous yummy recipes, beeeaaauutiful clothes, lovely photographs, useful book and online shopping reviews, and photoshopping techniques to pick up.  

Over the years, Snippets of Life has won numerous awards and been featured on broadcast television, both online and print publications all over the world – including The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Straits Times (Singapore), Today (Singapore), HWM (Malaysia), DotNet Magazine (UK), About.com (International), SHIFT Magazine (International). It is also ranked as 15th in “Top 100 Australian Blogs” and 2nd in the “Top 50 Australian Women’s Blogs”.

Snippets of Life focuses on being inspiring, positive, humourous, optimistic, passionate, fashionable, motivated, productive, creative, and to live a happy, fulfilled and balanced life. Definitely a feel-good blog to read. 🙂

You know that a blog is a fabulous read when you start going through all the archives. 🙂