There was a minor flooding accident at the unit last afternoon.

A real flood. No joke.

I was walking past the equipment room, which is situated beside the counter, to the patients’ rooms when my foot stepped into a puddle of water. I froze in astonishment and mild disbelief, looked down and discovered that the water was flowing from the storeroom! Realization then dawned upon me. I had been hearing the sound of running water from the storeroom for quite a while and I thought someone was washing the equipment at the sink. Apparently someone had forgotten to turn off the tap! It was no leisure dripping; from what I could hear, it was gushing from the tap!

I looked up in horror and asked in a rather stern tone to the manager who was at the counter, “Do you know that it’s flooding?” A relatively idiotic question to ask, come to think of it now. Would she have purposely left the sink overflow if she knew that the tap was left on? Of course not, but I guess I was a bit angry that such negligience was allowed. And oh, all the precious water wasted! To think that we have the Saving Gaia campaign now!

I pushed the door open and waddled in. True enough, the tap was left on at full force. I turned it off and looked around. The whole floor was wet, for goodness sake! Thank (whoever) that I’d heels on so the legs of my pants were spared, but my feet did get very wet. By this time, I had a deep frown etched in my forehead – all that water lost due to carelessness, the place was godamn wet and unsightly, and there were patients and visitors around! I was also worried for the staff who caused this hiccup because the manager looked irritated when she walked off to find the staff.

Surprisingly, the manager didn’t even raise her voice at the staff which was extremely rare of her usual behaviour. Really, it was almost a miracle, considering that she would shout at them for nothing. It almost made me think that she had something to do with this accident haha. The manager went to take bedsheets and cordoned off the area on the corridor that was wet and slippery, before informing the Housekeeping department to come and clear the mess.   

I started to find the scene so ridiculous and amusing that I couldn’t stop glancing at the pool of water and smiling, half expecting ducks to fly out of nowhere and start waddling in the pool. You would too, if you had seen this for yourself:

In accordance to Chinese fengshui beliefs, water means wealth. Which means our business is going to be very good?