You’ve probably heard that doctors have horrible handwriting…

It IS true.

But this is just completely illegible!!!

It’s made up of five numbers and one alphabet. I know what numbers it looked like upon first inspection, but believe me, it was really not what it seemed! I tried numerous possible combinations of numbers that the writing resembled before giving up! I honestly didn’t feel like giving up because usually I could get the right numbers after a few tries, but after about 30 minutes, I felt that my stubborn persistence was wasting my precious time.

The answer I needed wasn’t available online, but it suddenly came to me that it would be on the stamp of the doctor! Fortunately for me, the doctor was in the surgical section of my department and the stamp should be in the secretary’s room. A peek which took less than thirty seconds solved the problem.

Trust me, the correct combination was far from what it seemed, further than from Earth to Neptune! Make some guesses in the Comments section and I’ll see if there’s any smart lucky fellow amongst us! 😀

I seriously doubt so.

Once I realised that the doctor was trying to write in his haste, I almost fainted with disbelief.