We went to the Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar at Raffles City to celebrate Diz’s birthday last night. I had lunch there just last Sunday with some other friends and liked the variety of food, the quality as well as the price range so much that I recommended the restaurant to the girls. As most of them had never visited the place before, we headed over there for dinner yesterday.

This is not going to be a food review so I’ll cut short on this. This is a Marche-style Japanese restaurant. You get a card upon entry, go around the stalls choosing and ordering, and subsequently charge everything you buy to your card. Payment is made when you leave the place. As you can see, we had a table full of food ranging from unagi fried rice to ramen to omelette to tempura to rosti. We ate until we couldn’t stuff ourselves anymore and we only paid less than $13 per pax. No one had any complaint about the food, and definitely not the price. Anyway the iced yuzu honey tea is fantastic – a must-try!!! 😀

All eight of us. All starving but had to endure as I made them take photos before starting the frenzy upon the delicious food.

After dinner, we went shopping for a while before settling at Coffee Club:

The yummy mudpie which really tasted better than it appeared here.

Talk about complexity – a photo of me taking the previous photo of the mudpie

Caught in the act with my own Samsung G800 nevertheless

 Some of the girls…figure out who the birthday girl was yet?

Me and the birthday girl :D:D

Too tired to type a lot now as I woke up fairly early according to Sunday standards to have breakfast with the family. The funny thing is that we are going out to have dinner later. This means two meals out today. But well, it’s Daddy’s Day.

Let the images speak for themselves:

My birthday card to the darling girl: 

Lovely envelope, isn’t it?

With an equally beeeaaauuutiful card inside:

I especially bought chocolates (imported from Japan):

to conceal the real gift in within….

She thought I just bought her chocolates haha!


Happy XXth birthday, dear!