No, I’m not talking about the Avian influenza, otherwise commonly known as bird flu.

I’m referring to infection by the Varicella zoster virus.

Ok, otherwise simply known as chickenpox.

Correct, what? It’s a form of avian disease. LOL.

No, I haven’t contracted it. *choy choy choy to infinity* *touch wood touch wood touch wood*

But I’ve never gotten it before, so yes, I’m still very vulnerable to it. Unless, of course, I’ve a natural immunity to it. Which is what the blood test results will reveal next week.

Do you know what it’s like to be susceptible to a disease as highly contagious as chickenpox?? *shudder*

“Yes, I do,” you say.

“No, you don’t,” I replied with a deadly sideway glare at you.

Ok, that’s beginning to sound like an advertisement for some cold medicine on TV.

Anyway it’s a very scary feeling. Especially when someone around you contracts the disease and you try to think back seriously if you have seen or come into contact with the patient during the window period when the symptoms haven’t start appearing yet. Whether you will dio it this time round. The last time I had a HUMONGOUS chickenpox scare was when my tuition kid’s little sister contracted chickenpox from her classmate. And I DIDN’T KNOW of it until I reached his place to give tuition. Seriously, if I had been given prior warning, there was NO FAT CHANCE in the world I would sit there seemingly calm in the living room teaching the boy when his sick sister was in the bedroom. NO FREAKING WAY. I would definitely have stayed away.

There was once during that session when his sister wanted to come out of her room to my immense horror, I almost shrieked at her at the top of my voice for her to stay put. The poor girl was already standing at the doorway, less than five metres away from me!!! MAJOR scare there. I kept telling Ah-boy during that session if I were to contract chickenpox from their family, I would kill him. Literally. The next few days were filled with trepidation. I kept wondering if I would get chickenpox by staying in the same house as the sister, touching the same things she might have touched and left her viruses on.

I didn’t know whether to feel glad or horrified when their dad ringed me a couple of days later to inform me that I couldn’t come for tuition anymore as his two sons and himself got infected with chickenpox as well! I would be undoubtedly glad to stay away from their family and their Varicella zoster virus for as long as possible, but on the other hand, I got scared knowing how infectious and contagious it was. Once again, I spent the following week looking out for blisters and fever like a paranoid. Fortunately, I was spared.

Because I’m so scared of contracting the disease, I’ve thought of taking the vaccination from time to time. I have never done it however, due to my laziness. The push came once again as my sister, who by the way is susceptible as well, told me chirpily yesterday that one of her friends missed a recent camp debriefing session because he contracted chickenpox! Which would mean that his window period when he began to be contagious could be during their recent camp which my sister went to as well! This means that she could be infected. This means that if she gets infected, I’ll be gone case as well! *horror*

I’ve no idea how my sister can be so freaking relaxed about the possibility of being infested by itchy blisters that can leave scars! I’m struck by anxiety ever since. I’m so freaked out that I can’t stop worrying about it. If there’s anything more terrifying than butterflies, it has to be chickenpox. As only my mum is immune to it, having had a bout in her childhood, if any of the rest gets chickenpox from somewhere, the remaining will all dio too! SCARY!!!!!

It’s so damn appalling that I made up my mind to get myself a vaccine this time round. Hence this morning I strutted down to the staff clinic and asked for a chickenpox vaccination. That was when I realised that I had to take a screening first, which is essentially simply a blood test to check if I possess natural immunity. Now, I am quite the regular blood donor so I’m not the least afraid of needles and blood, but the pain I felt during the blood taking scared me lah.

I felt NOTHING!!!!

Nothing at all as the thick needle poked through my skin and into my blood vessel. The friendly staff took an entire tube of my useless B+ blood (useless because the blood bank never runs out of this blood type) and I felt nothing. Even an ant bite earned an ouch from me, but not needles and blood taking.

Is there something wrong with my nerve endings?!