Sometime ago, Mrs Tan bought a set of mahjong tiles and a mahjong table so that we girls can gather at her place for some mahjong. Interestingly, Mr Tan himself is a avid mahjong player and often spends part of his weekends at his friend’s place playing away. Whenever we are at their place playing mahjong, he will be at his friend’s place playing the same game. They are a very interesting couple, aren’t they haha?

Anyway in case you are wondering, we don’t gamble. We play with chips, not with real cash, much to the disgust of more serious players, or should I say gamblers, who don’t see the point or pleasure of playing mahjong if no money is involved. However, we girls refuse to gamble with our hard-earned money because we don’t exactly enjoy the feeling of losing money, even if it’s to each other. The money can be better spent, say, on a Mac blusher or the latest Gucci bag. We savour the delight in winning the game. Victory itself is sweet enough.   

Prior to buying the mahjong set, most of us was really apt at playing mahjong, so we practically learnt from scratch. Mrs Tan was educated and trained by the master, her hubby himself, beforehand as she had played a game or two with his friends occasionally. However, there was still a lot that we were uncertain of, hence during the first time we played, she had to make some emergency calls to her hubby to ask for clarification, much to the amusement of her hubby and his mahjong khakis. (-.-)

Subsequent games were fine as we could manage pretty much on our own. We still can’t make any fanciful arrangement like 十三幺,大三元 or 大四喜 though. Mr Tan was kind enough to impart his skills to us and draw up a secret manual for us, which we will turn to help whenever we get funny tiles that make it hard for us to win by “pong” or “chi”.

This may look like a very ordinary notebook: 

But hidden deep inside the book, within its pages, are the most vital secrets of mahjong:

We literally call the book “武林秘籍”.