We planned to go roller blading at East Coast Park today. However, the dark clouds and gloomy skies which greeted me this morning when I woke up almost deterred us from doing so, just like last Saturday when we cancelled our plans at the very last minute. That was quite disappointing, hence we decided not to let it happen this time round and went ahead. Furthermore, SL and her guy would be joining us as well and the last time we saw our dear jiemei was more than four months ago due to her heavy workload!!!

We first had a hearty breakfast at Burger King and I LOVE their breakfast set which resembles McDonald’s Big Breakfast (that’s my favourite set there as well). Pricing at $7.35, it was a tad expensive but one can choose from turkey ham, bacon and sausage, so there are more choices. I chose bacon, a salty and crispy delight.

After breakfast, we bladed for like ten minutes and it started to pour, so we had to retreat back to the dry haven of BK where we ended up playing Pictionary! Apparently, the couple keeps the game in the car haha. We had loads of fun with that. I can’t remember the last time when I actually thought games like Pictionary and Taboo were fun. There were many amusing and interesting pictures that we drew but this had to be a classic example showing why we say women are from Venus and men from Mars:

It was “All Play” (meaning that all teams participate and the fastest team to guess the correct word(s) wins the round) and the word was:

I drew:

SL’s boyfriend drew:

LOL. It was so hilarious! A boob job never even once occurred to me! All I thought about was rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty!!! 😀

After *ahem* Diz and I won the game, much to the “displeasure” of SL’s boyfriend who claimed that they had “never lost by this much” which was really only like eight steps away, we headed out of ECP for lunch. I can’t remember where exactly we had lunch because it was some staff canteen smacked right in the middle of an industry park but that was some hell of a bowl of minced pork mee pok I had! Apparently, the stall was famous for that. There were photos of celebrities with the stall owners on the wall, including Diz’s Jay Chou! She almost went mad lah, that girl.

Here are some photos to end the post: 

The dearie jiemei and her boyfriend who kindly drove us to lunch and home 😀

It was nice sitting in the car with rain drizzling outside…Opps you can see me in the mirror haha…

Their Pooh bears who really like to run marathons (just look at their medals!)

Me with the pink one (Diz doesn’t like pink. I can endure it.)

LOL there I was pointing my camera handphone at Diz and I said “smile”. She immediately gave a brilliant smile but being the irritating person I was, I had to say “I meant the penguin” which was lying lazily on her lap. She got angry and used the penguin to block her face, refusing to let me take a shot haha.

I had to coax her to get this:

In conclusion, it was a very nice and lazy way to spend a Saturday, away from the hustle and bustle of the town area, away from the buzzing shopping malls, crowded cinemas and the people. Although I would say that with the closest friends, anywhere, everywhere can be a sanctuary. 😀