Honestly, it all started from an innocent simple takeaway lunch of cheese sausage and mashed potato from Chippy British Take Away, amongst many other takeaways we bought from the nearby mall.

I love sausages (other than the Taiwanese type) especially those stuffed with cheese, so it’s not unusual when I excitedly and hungrily opened the takeaway, revealing the yummy food inside and going “sausage, sausage!” repeatedly at the same time.   

“Their sausages are very long! FIFTEEN cm long!” quipped my two female colleagues, E and G.

“Ok what, normal length, not very long,” I replied with slight disappointment when I drew out the sausage.

“So do you want to take a bite out of my sausage?” I asked E who sat right beside me in the comfort of her office, in a jokingly suggestive manner.

“Ooohhhh, don’t want. It’s too thick. Anyway it has exploded.” followed by crazy laughter from everyone else. Yes, anyone who has cooked sausages before will know that the sausage will split its seams once it expands from the heat, but that just sounded so wrong haha.

Throughout lunch as I was savouring my sausage, we continued to make risque comments about the poor sausage like “stop looking at my sausage, it’s shy”. There was one male colleague around as well but he’s the 姐妹 type, so it didn’t feel embarrassing to joke like that in front of him. I’ve my own suspicions about him if you know what I mean, so perhaps it really didn’t matter. My colleagues did conclude that I’m one naughty girl. Not that it did matter to me as well.

The tipping point of the whole sausage conversation was when I was taking one of the last few bites and cheese oozed out from the other punctured end, G went, presumably to warn me in case I dirtied my clothes, “Your sausage is dripping at the end!!!!*cue uncontrollable laughter*