Diz and I went to catch “Sex and the City” last Saturday and the movie was fabulous!!

I never had the opportunity to watch the TV series, so I didn’t know exactly what the show was about nor, for the matter of fact, the characters. All I knew about SATC was that there were four lovely women with the most popular being Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, a lot of beeeeaaatifuuuul clothes, bags and shoes, the two “L”s – labels and love, men and of course, sex. Hence it was a truly pleasant surprise to find myself engaged in some meaningful and thorough exploration of love and friendship amidst the Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood during the 145 minutes.  

The movie had the right pace and plenty of humour scattered throughout. It was a tad too long for someone with a tiny and overactive bladder like mine because I found myself squirming in my seat after 100 minutes with an increasingly overwhelming urge to visit the ladies. The last 30 minutes were quite a torture trying not to pee in my pants but it didn’t make the movie any less perfect. I don’t understand either what’s up with us girls liking beautiful things laid out in front of us, and that even if we can’t touch them or own them, it doesn’t make it any less fun just to ogle at them. SATC is just like a two-hour fashion parade.

I’m not sure if men would like it but girls and ladies, you all have to catch it. With four lead ladies, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, the movie is just like one warm and fun pyjamas sleepover party, definitely a not-to-be-missed movie to catch with the girls! And of course if my gaydar was operating fine, I thought I spotted quite a number of gay couples at the theatre too.

Just before the movie started, I was telling Diz that I was worried that I would feel an unstoppable urge to shop after watching this movie, especially with the Great Singapore Sale going on now. Fortunately, I did not feel so after the movie which made my wallet very happy, but instead after watching the ladies party, we felt that the night was too young to call it a day (why does that sound weird) and headed over to Timbre for some drinks.

Ok, the drinking part was more for me. I needed my regular fix of Coronas. My last one was a month ago, so spare me the preaching.

Timbre is the place to go if you like some live band and the Goodfellas were performing that night. As how Diz never fails to be corny without even trying, she said that was why the fellas were so good. She wasn’t lying though. They were darn good. From rock to pop to hip-hop, the songs they can perform boast a wide variety of genres. Hell, they even did a Beyond song which I failed to name even though I could sing along to it. It was a Cantonese hit and these dudes were Malays. How cool is that.  

They were so good that we stayed till they finished their last section for the night, despite feeling so sleepy and tired that we could doze off to their soothing voices.  

Anyway I saved the best part of the day to the last to tell everyone. It’s actually a pretty freaky incident which happened to both of us during dinner. We had dinner at the HK cafe at Cineleisure even though we were catching the movie at PS as I had wanted to visit the Nike store there. The food took pretty long to arrive which was forgivable as it was a Saturday night, but we only had an hour to spare by the time we sat down to have our dinner and we needed time to walk over to PS as well. Hence when our food finally came, I suggested getting the bill first since that usually would need more waiting time.

It was the manager who brought us the bill even though we requested from a waitress and upon seeing our food pretty much untouched as yet, he commented that since we ladies were so hurried to get our bill even though our food just arrived, we must be rushing to catch “Sex and the City”.

Seriously. I was dumbfounded. I thought I must have heard wrongly. I looked at Diz and she appeared stunned and struck dumb with astonishment. When she eventually managed a weak “You got it so right” and an equally weak nod, I was 50% awed and 50% freaked out. How could he have guessed correctly?! We didn’t even speak to him nor even see him until then and he wasn’t loitering near our seats to have managed to eavesdrop on our conversation. Even if he was, we never once mentioned the name of the movie!

Spooky haha!

After taking our bill and credit card to the cashier, he came back to chat with us. Who still had this cannot-believe-our-ears look on our faces. I asked him how he managed to get that right and he explained that he had seen and spoken to enough customers to have this “sixth sense” about a customer. I told him that he could consider setting up a booth for fortune-telling.

It has to be one of the freakiest things that has ever happened to me.