(to the tune of Che’nelle’s “I fell in love with the DJ”)
Kicking around in the studio
Punching till we hear somebody say
Ooh, ooh, ooh

I fell in love with kickboxing, kickboxing
Getting intoxicated every Wednesday
It makes my heart go
Ooh, ooh, ooh



Yes, that was what we did for the CardioMix class last night and yes, it was Wednesday again. I can’t believe how time seems to fly. I hope that we can do kickboxing every lesson but it’s not called CardioMIX for nothing.

The funny thing was how some of the girls have actually been wearing shorts to class. Don’t they have common sense? How is a girl supposed to kick or raise her leg and maintain her modesty at the same time? I don’t think anyone else in class would wish to see your underwear, even if it’s Triumph and there’s a reason why those are called undergarments. They are supposed to stay under your clothes.

Seriously. Those girls are silly. Besides, there are a couple of male students in the class (all uncles…ok, maybe they don’t mind seeing the girls reveal here and there) and the (cute) instructor is a carrier of the XY chromosome as well. Wait, ok, I think I know why they are exposing themselves unnecessarily. They want to seduce the charismatic instructor. Yes, that would be the only valid reason to explain the phenomenon.     

Ooohhh, so 不要脸!

Anyway, clearly the instructor couldn’t take it. He told the class at the end of the lesson to wear longer pants next week. Haha, the poor dude must have been badly traumatized by the flashing underwear parade!