I apologise for a lack of new posts.

I’ve been extremely busy over the past week preparing for my new website, my probable sideline. Even though the entire weekends were spent on the new blog at LiveJournal (other than the usual Saturday yoga session and going out for meals with my family) which is finally more or less completed, I still said probable because it can’t be successful until someone starts buying the items. (-.-)

My mum said “试一试咯” haha and the rest of the family have been supportive as usual. My youngest sis, the only person at home who actually does shop online, has been giving a fair amount of suggestions as well. I don’t know where we find the trust and faith in one another but we somehow just do all the time haha. I definitely have no complaint for this and it’s assuring that there’s always someone who has your back and whom you can fall back upon when you encounter a failure.  

Proudly presenting to you:

            The BLING Escape

No doubt that it’s my Internet-savvy sis who thought of this name (I insisted on having a BLING in the name haha). Other suggestions include the BLING Box/Cube/Philosophy/Haven and Kim Dang Dang. LOL (-.-). I’ve already uploaded all the finished items and there’s about five more to be started on and completed. I had wanted to use last weekend to finish everything up (all ten pieces), do the LiveJournal blog, take photos and put everything up but yes, that would never ever be possible. Thankfully, someone must have hit me on the head because I noticed that and decided to put whatever I had first, which ended up taking up my entire weekend.

It’s just insane. I’ve always thought that I have plenty of time on my hands since I’ve no commitment other than work, family, friends and myself. Once I started on this project however, I realised that I do not have as much time as I thought I had! Suddenly, a lot of time seems to go to my workout sessions like CardioMix and Yoga (actually only less than 4 hours per week), my meals out with my family (only a few hours on weekends) and mahjong/rollerblading/etcetcetc with friends, leaving nothing much for my craftswork and website!

I ended up sacrificing my sleep for it and I wouldn’t say I liked it very much, so I forced myself to retire early on the weekends. It was tough but beauty sleep is important. Time seemed to pass so fast when I worked too. Probably because I’m doing something which I truly enjoy. 😀 Good times fly by.

Anyway here are some images of a few items:

I don’t know what you think but personally, I simply adore them, especially the owl one. If I can’t sell that, I’ll gladly wear it myself but this will defeat the purpose of the new blog, won’t it?

I need to publicize The BLING Escape too but I don’t really know how to. I need to consult my sis again, I guess. Let me know if you have any brilliant idea that doesn’t need money haha.