My poor calves and thighs.

If they could talk, they would be hurling profanity at me.

Hmm why does that sound so familiar?

LOL. Because it’s two days after the CardioMix class again, when the lactic acid has accumulated in the muscles to a level high enough to cause the unpleasant aching sensation.

Last week we did kickboxing which explained why my back and shoulders hurt then. This Wednesday, we did step-up exercise instead where we each had a plastic low stepping stool in front of us and stepped up and down continuously. Sounds fairly easy? Well, it sure ain’t when it’s done with weights!~ My poor legs can testify to that! (-.-) They threatened to break off and run away during the last ten minutes of the session when we did endurance and strengthening exercise.  

As if it wasn’t tiring enough, I stayed up late to work on my new project instead of resting early. (-.-) Remember when I talked about a possible sideline last week? I’ve started on it. Like finally haha. I spent the lunch hours on Tuesday and Wednesday at Chinatown, Arab Street and Haji Lane scouring for materials. It was really fun, especially the Arab Street area because I’ve never been there. (^_^) And I saw so many quaint pieces that I got very excited and inspired! Naturally, I ended up buying more than I thought I would and more than what my bank account would like.  

After getting my hands on interesting parts, I couldn’t help but feel the urgency to put my idea into place and start working. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way but when I look at a piece and start forming ideas in my head, I must start on it. I can never push it to, say, the weekends when I’ve more time on my hands to do it while still being able to get sufficient sleep. Part of the compulsion is due to the worry that I may forget what I intend to if I don’t do it soon. Even if I sketch or note it down, I worry that it won’t be the same because inspirations can simply come and go. However, the main reason of the compulsive behaviour is that once the inspiration hits me, I get too hyped up to ignore it and go to bed!  

This is why for the past two nights, I only had less than three hours of sleep. It’s insane considering that I had a vigorous workout on Wednesday and last night I went out to catch Patrick Dempsey’s “Made of Honour” (which is a very entertaining show by the way) after a shitty day at work, reaching home at midnight. It explains why I felt like crap at work yesterday and this morning. It was worse today when I woke up because I suffered from lack of rest for two consecutive days. I struggled with myself mildly in the morning as I toyed with the idea of taking the day off, but it wouldn’t work as I’ve some work to clear before the weekends.

The day seemed to suffer a bad start as the traffic jam at Marymount Road (again and again!!) resulted in a half hour wait for the bus and 45 minutes late for work. It was an agony seeing the bus just ten metres away from you but taking fifteen minutes to reach the bus stop because of the jam. I slept like a log all the way though, trying to compensate my sleep debt. So I ended up almost an hour late for work but when I reached my office, I found my cubicle empty! That was when I remembered that the stupid JPS went for another overseas holiday over this weekend and took Friday off! The new girl was probably on MC as she was sick for the past two weeks.

I swear that the day seemed better instantly and suddenly, a newfound energy surged through me haha. I think I’ll take the half day off to buy more materials. 😀 I’ve completed three pieces so far, one each day for the past three days, and have ideas for two more pieces. I wish to have a collection of five pieces or more by this weekend so that I can put them up for sale on my new blog before next week. I’ve been working on my new WordPress website for the past few days as well. I’m not very satisfied with it and wonder if I should start one at LiveJournal instead since there are many sellers there, so business may be better. I’ve just looked through LiveJournal because I do have an inactive account there and it doesn’t seem as hard to use as it did the other time when I tried to start one there but ended up at Wordpress instead. I still like WordPress but I think the layout is not as suitable. Damn, this means that I need to start from scratch at LiveJournal which means more time.

I will link the blog here once it’s done. I’m so excited. Wish me luck. 😀