Saw this movie review on yesterday’s TODAY (lol sounds funny) but due to the three days of mourning for the Sichuan earthquake victims, I saved it to publish today instead.

A movie on one of my favourite dead famous people:


This movie was released globally a whole DECADE ago and I’ve never heard of it. I won’t be entirely surprised though. When I was 15, even though I would think that I was already more mature for adolescents of my age, I had to admit that I wasn’t well-read. Much to the annoyance of my mum, I didn’t like to read the newspapers except for the entertainment news section. Sure, I read mountains of fiction books but that only helped my vocabulary, grammar, and perhaps imagination and creativity, and nothing much for my general knowledge. I could rattle off scientific facts but my knowledge was more or less confined within the field of Science. It wasn’t until junior college when I was brutally exposed to other interesting fields of knowledge, all thanks to the subject of General Paper.

I said brutal because it was kind of shameful for a 17-year-old to hear the term “Middle East” for the very first time in her life when her GP tutor asked the class to each name a Middle East country. I was just constantly muttering “damn what the hell is the Middle East” under my breath and vigorously turning the clockworks in my head but to no avail. When it was my turn, I just stated whatever name my helpful classmates had thrown in my way. I think I said Jordan and I was wondering why on Mother Earth anybody in the right mind would name a country after a NBA star. (-.-) 

Yeah, laugh all you want but I was ignorant and not really concerned about a lot of things outside Science then. That was a good wake-up call though and a long-awaited push of myself towards gaining broad and diversified knowledge. Considering how everything in this world is linked up one way or another, it’s important and learning really should be a lifelong experience. Wow that sounds like some government campaign but MM Lee said the same too. So ten years ago, I didn’t know or give much hoot about homosexuality and no, I wouldn’t have known that a famous person named Oscar Wilde once walked on this Earth. Which is a stark contrast to my older present self.

Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), born Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (seriously?!), was a famous Irish playwright, novelist, poet and author of short stories. You should be familiar with his “The Happy Prince and Other Stories”. For the barbed wit that he had, he was also the greatest celebrities of his day. What makes Wilde my favourite dead famous people is his close-to-insanity flamboyancy. Whether it was dressing, his appearance, his conduct, his speech, his homosexuality, it was never a closet affair. It was always out in the open with seemingly nothing to hide. I admire him for the courage, not to mention his intelligence and sharp wit,  even though it is this very thing which caused his downfall ultimately. A complaint of criminal libel made by Wilde turned out to be a trial against himself, at the end of which he was convicted of “gross indecency” and sentenced to two years’ hard labour. He died of illness three years after his release.   

I might not watch this movie since I’m really broke at the moment (more about why I’m soooo darn broke later on) and there’re plenty of other must-watch movies for me to catch this month. I might just buy the DVD when I’ve the extra cash. But I’m glad that the local censorship has seemed to loosen up visibly in recent years. It’s unnecessary to ban or prohibit art just for its homosexuality content when the sexuality issue itself is not wrong in the first place. It’s bad enough that local TV shows are not allowed to have any hint of homosexuality, which render local viewers to be totally ignorant or mistaken about homosexual people. This group of people exists in our very own society whether one likes it or not. They are very real and are not going to go away or simply disappear just because some people disapprove of it. 

Anway I’m pretty sure that the film distributors won’t be upset if I didn’t watch the film. Afterall they are targeting the pink dollar and the last time I checked, my money ain’t pink.