My colleague was going to attend a wedding dinner with her boyfriend this evening and forgot to prepare the angbao. As she had some pieces of red-coloured paper, she decided to make her own red packet. Since I’ve made my own envelopes and paper bags among many other craftworks before and I was quite free this afternoon, I volunteered to do it for her.

Upon seeing the end product, my fellow colleagues were all somehow quite impressed that they started encouraging me to start my own online business of customised craftworks. I thought they over-exaggerated because it was really just a handmade envelope.

Which brought to mind what had been loitering in my brain for a considerable period of time to the extent that it has nested itself comfortably at a corner and left forgotten.

Growing up, I’ve been struggling between Science and Arts. I like both too much to give up either one completely. But of course when the decision-making time came at the end of Secondary Two, I chose the Science Stream and the triple science course because Science seemed a safer option. I knew I could do it for life and make a living out of it. I wasn’t that sure for Arts. Of course I’ve always had a keen interest for Biology so it was a decision I’ve never regretted. I was sad that I’d to give up Arts and Crafts though and although it was possible for Science students to take Arts as an “O” level subject, I thought that the resulting total workload might be detrimental for my grades ultimately should I be unable to cope with the already heavy workload of a triple-Science student and the intensive CCA trainings. If an odd combination was available at that time, I would have gladly given up Physics, a subject which I excelled in but never truly enjoyed, for Arts. Anyway I was very delighted that the end of Arts in my school life was highlighted by a FULL mark in my last Arts examination! I would never have thought that one could actually get full marks for an Arts piece.     

While I remained a true-blooded Science Student for the rest of my schooling days, Arts continues to be an important part of my life. I used to like sketching and painting but having thrown away all my painting materials, I haven’t painted a single picture since Secondary Two. Nowadays I do more of craftworks which is some activity I enjoy thoroughly. I’ve made birthday cards for virtually all my friends. I’ve also put together small stuffed pillows with names sewed on with sequinns or beads, and given to friends. I can make brooches and jewellery. I enjoy the latest craze of scrapbooking too, although it’s a rather expensive hobby. Craftworks take a lot of time and effort at a stretch but it brings about a deep sense of satisfaction upon seeing the end product, and of course the look on my friend’s face upon receiving it. I also enjoy the need to keep pushing my own creativity and imagination because I don’t like to make the same stuff over and over again. New materials should be used all the time and what this friend gets should be as different as possible as what the next friend will receive from me.  

Here’s the thing – I like craftworks, my friends and now even colleagues praise my pieces and encourage me to make a business out of it which means I must be not too bad in it, and I’ve actually given much thought about turning it into a money-generating hobby before, so why hasn’t anyone seen anything like that coming from me as yet? Because it’s harder than it seems. I may be satisfied with my pieces but I still have doubts that any is good enough that other people actually want to spend money to get their hands on it. And what exactly should I make to sell? Cards? When all the local bookshops sell thousands and thousands different types of cards, will anyone actually bother to surf the Internet for a birthday card, even if it’s unique and one of its kind? Jewellery? I really enjoy making my own jewellery but it needs quite a bit of capital because materials like Sawrovski crystals and good-quality metal chains are not cheap. Other than this, it seems fairly difficult to find unique and exotic charm pieces in Singapore. I don’t wish to sell something which you can easily find in any local store.

So, it seems hard, but it could be just an excuse for myself. Is it really that difficult when so many other girls have made it? Perhaps I just need to spend some time planning it out, start exploring sources and buying materials, and putting my fingers to work. Maybe because I’m turning 25 which is exactly a quarter of a century a few months down the road, I think it’s time for me to take action and make some changes to my life. I was discussing with my sister and telling her how I should be and could be making big bucks because I know I am capable of it, but I just don’t love money enough to find the means to do so. I will always welcome the extra cash (only if it’s through legitimate means and preferably if I earn it myself) and if there’s none, I’m somehow fine with it haha. It’s weird but that’s how I am. I believe I’m the type who never has the luck to win lottery or lucky draws because I’ve to earn everything through my own hard work (脚踏实地的命). 

I’ve just bought a new sketchbook to put my ideas down first. My colleague suggested an online blog to sell my stuff. LOL I didn’t tell her that I already have a blog because I don’t want them to read all this haha. This year is really going to be different. Subconsciously and consciously, I’ve already done some changes and made some important decisons to make some changes to my life. Definitely all for the better.

Wish me luck. (^_^)


Here’re some of the old sketches I did years ago: