If my back muscles could talk, I swear they would be hurling profanities at me.

Yesterday was my second CardioMix lesson and it was a blast. Meaning that I got a really good workout, completely soaked in perspiration and out of breath. The charismatic instructor was not around last night and we had a young and pretty female replacement instructor instead. She was so toned that she made the rest of the class hang our heads in shame. She was so toned that she wore a body skimming tanktop and a pair of short tights. I would never be seen in tights. (-.-) But it was clear how she obtained and maintained her physique – she was one insane nutcase when it came to the workout. She was fast, sharp and forceful. Fortunately, she was kind and patient enough to teach us step by step, otherwise we would have never been able to catch up with her moves. (-.-) 

As usual, when it comes to workouts and exercises, I’m one mad(wo)man. I tend to push myself too hard. This can be detrimental but I believe if we never push ourselves to the limit, we’ll never improve. Our actual limit is not where we think it is. Instead it is usually much further. We think we can only do this much but in reality, should you push yourself, you discover that you can go much more. Sure, our body is one limitation and I won’t advise one to push oneself far beyond one’s limit because the body can break, but the real limitation is in our minds. We are the ones who limit ourselves.

Wah sounds inspirational huh.

The truth is that I actually like to feel pain in my muscles the next day after exercise. It affirms that I do have some of what we call muscles beneath all layers of adipose tissue, waiting to be developed and hopefully eat away all that irritatingly stubborn fat.

Perhaps a closet masochist? LOL. 😉  

Much of the pain could be avoided though, had I done proper warming up stretches before the workout haha. I did cooling down stretches after the intensive session but I focused pretty solely on my legs and arms, neglecting my back, which explains why every single inch of my entire back, from the middle of the shoulder blades to the back of the lower waist, hurts like hell.     

My muscles might be verbally abusing me now but they would be thanking me profusely one month down the road when they could effortlessly punch and kick because I’m pushing them so hard. Maybe they can then kick the extremely annoying woman in class who pretended to be on familiar terms with the three of us when I’d hardly noticed her before that and actually ordered us to stand in front of her / beside her. (-.-)