Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


LOL. With this kind of “die die, must watch!” review, who in the right mind will miss this latest Takeshi Kaneshiro movie?

I know I won’t. *wink*


I was MIA this entire morning because my stupid IBM computer simply wouldn’t connect to the Internet!

I restarted it two times, looked behind the computer to check the cable (only found plenty of dust), went on my knees and crept under the desk to check the other end of the stupid cable (much more suffocating dust!), and pressed “Refresh” every few minutes hoping that it would just find the server ultimately and load my page! But nothing seemed to work! (T_T)

I tried in avail for more than half an hour before giving up and calling the IT Helpdesk.

I hate calling the helpdesk because I think I sound so idiotic trying to describe the situation. I’m not that IT savvy to be using all the correct technical terms. The phone conversation went on fine though and I could follow the instructions given (go here, go there, click this, enter that, blah blah blah), but when it seemed like the problem couldn’t be easily resolved over the phone, he promised to send an engineer over.

I waited for 30 minutes but decided to go to the ward to finish up the work, so I left a note and my contact number on the desktop. When I came back almost one and a half hour later, I was astonished to find that the engineer had not even arrived yet! And I still couldn’t surf the Internet!! I called the helpdesk up again and demanded where the darn fellow was. In a very polite way, of course haha. He turned up a minute later and who could have blamed him – the poor fellow looked tired having gone from computer to computer all over the hospital all morning haha. I actually saw him fixing the computer at the library when I walked past on my way to the ward. He fiddled with my computer for quite a while, all the time getting calls from the helpdesk reminding him to go to other locations, before giving up. (-.-) Said something along the line of the problem being with the network or cable or whatever, and that he would ask someone from the network team to come down. When I asked him how long it would take for them to come down because I cannot survive without my Internet, he gave me a dubious look that said those people would take LONGER than he had to come here.


Just when I thought my world was over and the sky was going to crash down on me, I logged into the computer half an hour later and somehow, miraculously, the Internet was BACK! *hallelujah*

Whatever problem it was, the boy had resolved it without himself realising it. LOL.

And the network people never came.

But to be fair, the same helpdesk fellow whom I talked to called me back later to enquire if my issue was resolved. (^_^) Now, that’s what I call responsibility and commitment.