It’s just crazy. Barely 3 hours have passed and I feel that I’ve done a day’s work. (-.-)

Physically juggling between finishing up with patients admitted yesterday, doing the admin work for the one to be admitted later in the afternoon, doing the final preparation for this Saturday’s AGM, and mentally fixing the schedule for me to do all of these, plus trying to get the doctor to come and examine the research patients in between her clinic patients. This last part is, non-coincidentally, the toughest of all because the doctor doesn’t seem to understand what it means by “patient discharging at 3.30pm”. It means that the doctor needs to see the patient before the discharge time but no, the doctor thinks that it’s reasonable to have the patient wait for her in the ward until she has the time. (-.-)

It’s on busy days like this when I keep forgetting what I’m supposed to do the moment after I remind myself to do it. It doesn’t help that I’ve to walk from place to place within the hospital like my office to the ward to other administrative offices. For example, I was going to take the stairs down from the ward to the Admission Office directly downstairs to pick up a file and then proceed to the Business Office just around the corner to submit some documents. It helps save time because of the convenience. However the moment I stepped through the door of the ward, it was wiped clean from my celebral cortex. Instead, I walked through the next door which leads to another ward, where I can just walk through and take the lift right up to my office. (-.-)

And just now, I stepped out of the lift at the 7th floor instead of the 8th when the door opened. It took me 3 steps before I realised I was on the wrong floor!

Even though I’m very occupied, when my patient asked for a cup of Milo just now, I spared 5 minutes to make one specially for him. I’ve a habit of asking the patients whether there’s anything that they may need or I can help with because I want to try my best and make sure that they kind of feel more at home in the ward. Secretly, of course, I do wish that they’ve no further request. On rare occasions when they do have special requests like some Milo/extra blanket or pillow, I’m truly pleased to serve, with no complaints. Sure, I can ask the clerk to do these for me but I don’t really like to trouble others and it’s only when I do it on my own can I be assured of the quality of service haha.

Glad that the patient complimented on the Milo because I’ve never made Milo before! Instructions (one big spoonful of Milo powder plus 2 packets of creamer and some sugar) were given by the clerk. I don’t drink that kind of stuff haha.  

Okay, time for a quick lunch (I’m starving) before the frenzy starts again. 😀