and I’m still in the office.

Friends would know that this is miraculous because much to many’s envy, I end work punctually at 5.30pm every single workday if all my work (which is usually not a lot by the way) has been completed. *hallelujah music in the background

If you are wondering, my boss did come to the hospital just in time to see the patients and that’s after I messaged her again at 3pm to ask her to come before 3.30pm. She came exactly at 3.30pm much to my delight which was timely because the patients just finished their last test and didn’t have to wait at all. She even had the spare time to complete one report for me *hallelujah* and the patient to be admitted today reported early (what luck!) so she even examined the patient before she went for her clinic. *HALLELUJAH!* This all boded really well for me because I was eliminated of the usual headache of calling her again and reminding her to see the patient after her clinic.

The luck kind of ran out when the techs couldn’t find a particular file I was looking for, which I needed urgently for the boss to view after her clinic so that she could complete the report. The patient had called me to request for his report because he needs a surgery and the results of the report will be important to affirm the necessity of the surgery. This IS urgent and I WANT to have the report ready for him, but much to my horror, the techs couldn’t find the bloody file anywhere on the drives and declared it MISSING!

What the fuck, I thought, this is a hospital! How can they lose patients’ study data just like that?

I was immensely pissed.

Yes, we are colleagues who get along just fine and yes, we are friends, but work is work and when it comes to work, I expect no nonsense. I can stand their gossiping, chit-chatting, folling around, running around hitting each other, playing PSPs and watching stuff on their PMPs during work, even though I find it too loud and distracting, very unproductive and extremely unprofessional when they get loud enough for visitors and patients to hear. It’s all alright as long as they have no work to do which is really possible in our context, believe it or not. But when it comes to patients, I hope that they can be courteous, friendly and helpful. I can only hope because I’m not their manager (whom they call a bitch LOL) and therefore cannot expect anything from them. Strictly speaking, I’m not even from their unit.

From time to time, I do get irritated by their work ethics and today has to be the worst situation ever. I had to look through the hundreds of files on the many different drives to scan for the particular file. To make it worse, I realised that there was no order in which the files were saved and arranged. I had to look through one by one as a result, which was darn exasperating! It was noted in the records which they keep that the file hasn’t been archived yet but since it couldn’t be found in the drives, we had to look through ALL the archives. Time-consuming and totally unnecessary had they kept everything in order in the beginning!     

By the time my boss finished her clinic and came to the unit, they still didn’t have the slightest idea where it could be and worse still, they told me of the possibility of it being deleted. I thought, what the fuck, they are not the ones who have to answer to the patient and that put aside, losing data so carelessly is just absolutely irresponsible!!! Maybe for fear of me telling on them to my boss (who’s also their boss since she’s the director now) or simply out of plain fear for my boss, they had an emergency meeting outside the lab and out of our listening range to discuss the possible location of the file. Luckily for them, I’m too kind to be telling on anyone and I wasn’t planning on telling her that until they could confirm that the file was lost for good. Nevertheless, they told her after reaching a conclusion – which is that they’ll try their best to look ALL over for it again.

Not sure if it would be an useful attempt considering that I did look ALL over for it in the first place while they were doing the search themselves, but I truly wish to hope for the best because it’s an utterly expensive test which we won’t want to repeat for obvious reasons and because of the inconvenience caused to the patient should he really need to do the test again (even if it’s FOC).

Darn, it’s 7pm. This post is taking longer than expected. Time to end it, go home and watch “Police and Thief”.

i’m silly, I know.