Went for my first CardioMix lesson last night. I’m still on my Yoga course (there’s no way I will give that up) but I figured that since I’ve time on my hands and wish to learn more, why not join Cyn and Siew on their Wed classes. Besides, CardioMix and Yoga are two very different types of workout and I really need to do more cardio exercises anyway.   

Of course it was dramatically different from the usual Yoga I do. For the latter, we limit our movements pretty much on the mat and any extension out of the mat by accident is actually considered as unprofessional. However, I found myself going all over the place at the class last night. No one was keeping still haha. I did find a lot of the movements pretty silly. That’s normal because when I first started practising yoga, I found myself feel like breaking into laughter all the time too. Once I get used to it, it’ll be better.  

The major difficulty which I faced, other than my slippery old pair of running shoes which I must replace by the next lesson, is my inability to differentiate the left from the right instantly. I need about 2 seconds to decide which is which. I need to hold up my writing hand which is the left to tell me that the other is the right. (-.-) Seriously. And my sis who has the same problem even though she’s right-handed laughed at me because she said she only needs ONE second. Ya lah, as if a lot better lidat haha. Hrmph, I bet it’s genetic *excuses*. Generally when my sis or I find any fault with ourselves, we tend to put the blame on my parents because they gave us “bad genes” haha. Anyway it makes it a bit hard to keep up with the class because the instructor will be going “Now, left/right!” and the rest of the class will move towards the correct direction while I’m still trying to figure out which is which. (-.-) Fortunately the class size is relatively big and last night I could 混水摸鱼 and just get away with it. Although I would like to improve upon it soon because 混水摸鱼 ain’t my style.

Anyway the girls were right about the instructor: he’s bloody cute. And Cyn’s right on the target about him resembling this TA we’d for my LSM1103 Biodiversity module in university. Strictly speaking, he was Cyn’s TA because I was in another group with another TA whom I couldn’t even remember at all. I only remember Cyn’s TA because I’d a major crush on him that semester haha, but well, he was married (my heart felt crushed when I spotted the ring on his finger haha). The resemblance is there: they are both big and beefy Malays with megawatt smiles, small eyes and loads of charisma. I seem to have a big thing for this package haha.

A quaint thing occurred though. I used to call that TA “Superman” (seriously haha) because his physique and smile made him look like a Malay version of Clark Kent. Yesterday, the instructor told a very bad joke about Superman because we did a strengthening exercise which looked like we were flying. At least I thought it was a joke, because it sure ain’t funny at all haha. On the other hand, Chandra is annoyingly funny. Annoying (in the fond way of course) sometimes because he makes us laugh when we are trying to focus and concentrate or maintain our balance/postures, and breaking into laughter destroys all that composure we’re trying to build. He tells jokes and he imitates people/advertisements. Damn hilarious, that fellow.  

But despite the failed attempt, I’m sure the new instructor has got a sense of humour (well most Malays I’ve met are funny) somewhere, sometimes. Well, only time will tell. (^_^)