I can’t believe it.

I finally ventured out of my office 5 minutes ago to get lunch. Yes, I know it’s already 3pm but this is the usual time my stomach will digest my 9am breakfast fully. The weather has been so blazing hot recently that I have been refusing to step out of the air-conditioned room. Unfortunately, my empty stomach has been making so much noise that it’s embarrassing. I figured that it would only take me 5 minutes to take the elevator down to the ground floor, pop into Delifrance to get some pastry and come up to the office again, so I didn’t bother to change into my heels. Instead I wore the flat pumps which I park in my cubicle.

Murphy must be trying very hard to prove that his theory’s true because who had to step into the same elevator while I was going down but the cute MO whom I’ve not seen for months. He’s this fair-skin decent-looking guy with boyish good looks and spectacles. He always has nice clean shirts and matching pants on (and yes, nice shoes) and he’ll roll his sleeves to his elbows. Most doctors look horrid with distasteful dress sense, equally horrendous hair and looking totally shagged out from their killing workload. He’s one of the few who actually look good all the time, even in his scrubs. Oh, I love him in his scrubs actually! Makes you wonder what he’s wearing underneath heehee. My guess is that like most other doctors, he wears scrubs for his on-call night and when you see him the next morning, he looks slightly scruffy with stubble on his face. Very sexy haha.   

There was a period of time when I would bump into him every other morning as I stepped out of my office to grab some tea at the cafeteria and he just happened to walk by. Seeing him again made me realise that I’d not spotted him for the past few months. He probably transferred to another department. Anyway I couldn’t believe my eyes when he stepped into the elevator and there I was, a good 3 inches shorter. Okay, you may say that’s my normal height anyway but that’s the point of wearing heels, for goodness sake!

For a short while, he was standing in front of me which was good because I didn’t really want him to see me. And I’d a scenic view of his butt which was small and perky. I’m not lascivious! His butt was just right there for me to see! Also noticed silently that his legs seemed quite thin which made me feel conscious of my own thunderous ones. Made a mental note that he was wearing his funky white shirt with thin green stripes and biege pants again. I seldom see guys who wear light-colored bottoms (not white, please) and look smart, so I thought that’s cool. Sleeves rolled up to elbows – checked. But at the next floor, many nurses swarmed in out of nowhere and he moved to stand beside me. Damn! I tried to be very still for the next 20 seconds so that he wouldn’t notice how short I was. It seemed like a bloody long time and I thought I would die before the elevator doors opened at the ground floor and we all moved out.

He didn’t notice, did he?