Hardest hip-hop song around at the moment, never mind that it doesn’t make sense LOL:

“Crank Dat” by Soulja Boy 


And look what I found 2 minutes later: Spongebob doing “Crank Dat”!!!

Seriously, WTF?!

But it’s funny like hell! Look at the original MV first before viewing this comical version and you’ll laugh your teeth off.


Anyway the dance moves in the original video actually went on to become popular in the States. Unbelievable. And Soulja Boy himself released an INSTRUCTIONAL video to teach interested fans the moves.

Seriously. You need step-by-step instructions to learn those few simple moves?


Update (like 30 seconds later):

WTF!!! Simpsons’ version! LOL!!

South Park version!!

Happy Feet!! *faint* Penguins cranking dat. (T_T) 

You might not believe it but they also have the Super Mario, Chipmunks, Shrek versions on YouTube. The most ridiculous one is the Harry Potter one. Yes, the Hogwarts wizards can crank dat too. (-.-)

LOL I must be bored.