My girls and I went to a lovely cafe at Vivocity last night: Corduroy Cafe (#01-106)

It’s hard not to like the place instantly. (^_^)

It’s a warm and cosy traditional European-style bakery and milkbar which serves freshly baked pastry & bakery items and milk products such as chocolates, coffee, milk shakes, smoothies and milk infusions. It’s all free and easy over there – you simply walk in to find seats, settle yourselves, browse the menu on the table and then proceed to the counter to make your orders. A number plate will be given to you and you can wait leisurely in your seats while waiting for the staff to serve you. There are plenty of big, comfortable chairs all around, perfect for simply lounging around, sipping tea or coffee, enjoying some cheescake or brownie and catch up with friends. All sorts of magazines ranging from National Geographic to 8 Days are also provided for the guests to keep themselves occupied.   

The whole cafe is decked with interesting black-and-white pictures of places and people all over Europe. Even the washrooms are not spared haha. For a while, you’ll forget that you are still in Singapore and not England or some other European country.

Seats around the counter hang in mid-air. Highly obese people are strictly advised not to sit on them. Of else the next minute you’ll find yourself on the floor.

The number stand is HUGE and very old-school. Nice.

Anyway there are tables with lit candles (no sofa seats though) at the outdoor area too, which overlooks the sea. You might want to try there on a cool breezy night should you wish to feel the light sea breeze on your skin. What I didn’t like was the smell of the sea. Certainly not pleasant with all the ports and ships there. Anyway lately it’s too warm even at night to be anywhere not air-conditioned haha.  

The menu, the table, the sofa and my foot.  

Definitely a conducive place to enjoy a good book. (^_^) I will be back.

My Earl Grey tea. Very affordable, I must say.

The service is far from perfect though. THe staff seemed cold and distant haha, and we waited a good 15 to 30 minutes for our tea. It was TEA. I thought you simply put the tea leaves followed by hot water and you can serve. But no, I think the staff had to climb the hill to pluck tea leaves and dried the leaves before brewing the tea. (-.-) Fortunately we managed to keep ourselves very occupied (yes that’s the purpose of all the reading materials there) and the atmosphere was too good to be complaining.

I truly felt that I was on a relaxing albeit short holiday. (^_^)

Anyway here are some pictures I took from its website to give you a clearer idea of the cafe:

The bakery and milkbar area with all the pastries and cakes

Lovely, ain’t it?


Out you go…to the outdoor area by the sea… 

In summary, it’s a really nice place to relax with family or friends, chit chatting or simply immersing in the cosy atmosphere as you do some reading or even work on your laptop.

I don’t know about you but I would definitely visit the cafe again sometime soon. (^      ^) 



since the 16th century, coffee has been the beverage of choice to inspire thoughts, argument and dreams. the café – whether called caffe, kaffeehaus, kawiarnia, or coffee-house – has been central to urban cultural and artistic life. In europe and elsewhere, it is a place to start and end the day, to read, compose, gossip, debate or mull over the intricacies of a chess move.

the café is a home away from home, where lively company, people watching and good food and drink can all provide inspiration for the writer and artist. corduroy café takes the customer on a tour of the grand literary cafés of britain and europe, taking in cities as diverse as paris, london, barcelona, rome and prague. famous writers and artists frequented these historic places, and through that came the history and tradition behind the cafes and the food and drink consumed in them. corduroy café provides an insight to their enduring charm and popularity.In europe, the theatre, cinema, pattiserie and café culture still remains strong. in singapore, this culture is developing fast and corduroy café will now become the pleasure dome for all.

— as taken from the website