May 2008

Yo peeps, in case you haven’t heard yet, it’s the International Museum Day 2008 ( IMD’08 ) from 31st May to 2nd June this weekend!

Although I don’t understand why it is called a “day” when it actually stretches over three days. *scratch head *

Oh well, never mind that.

This May, the National Heritage Board (NHB) celebrates IMD’08 with the theme “Museums ALIVE!”, showcasing how local museums can be lively and exciting cultural destinations with something for everyone. Close to 39 exciting events and activities happening across more than 19 museums around Singapore will be featured. You can click here to access the calendar to check out the wide variety of events and activities listed and see whether anything interests you. They range from special bus tours, guided tours, workshops, classes, outdoor picnics, to free visits to selected museums, so there’s bound to be something suitable for all ages!  

But I think the best part of this IMD’08 is the free entry to 13 selected museums all over Singapore on 31st May which is this Saturday!

Knowing fellow Singaporeans, since this involves their all-time favourite “F” word, “FREE”, these museums are going to be insanely packed with families (-_-). I can understand their point though. For a family of five, entry fees alone can easily cost about $50 for most places of attraction. But for single people like moi, I’m definitely going to avoid such FOC days. In fact, I won’t even go anywhere on weekends if I want to enjoy the experience in peace. The last time I went for the Louvre exhibition at the National Museum, I took half day just to go there. Yet it wasn’t exactly quiet because it was a Friday and schools organised excursions for their rowdy children. (-.-) 

I thought it was interesting how the NHB listed the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research as one of the museums open to the public for free for IMD. Located on the third level of Blk S6 in NUS, just a floor under the Science Library, this museum has always been free entry what haha! It’s such a low-profile museum that even most of the Science students do not know of its existence! Unless of course you are a Life Science student like I was and therefore have to take the module LSM 1103 Biodiversity where we were strongly encouraged to visit the RMBR for our project. We had to capture animals, kill them mercifully and make specimens out of them. It might sound gross but it was really fun and interesting haha. However since I’m quite the morbid person, my idea of fun isn’t exactly typical. Anyway we mainly caught insects and spiders for this project. The coolest spider I saw for that project though was caught by this big guy in class and its span was bigger than his hand.

It’s not strange that the first time I went to this museum with my LSM 1103 project mates, I fell in love with the place. It was so tranquil and serene, just loads of dead animals looking back at you. I love specimens, the larger the better. There’s just something about a dead thing not totally looking dead that appeals to me. The Body Worlds exhibition which arrived on local grounds for a while years ago was the best: preserved human bodies and body parts. While some people might find the thought itself queasy, I found myself getting hungry looking at the exhibits. It’s quaint how human flesh when preserved looks no different from bak kwa. And anyone who has seen our internal organs will tell you that they look just like kway chup. Seriously.

Occupying space no more bigger than half of a soccer field, this tiny museum displays only a small part of its 500,000 specimens, with the intent of providing an introduction to Southeast Asian biodiversity and raising the awareness of conservation issues. Little known, situated in the tropics, our minute island actually hosts an incredibly rich biodiversity of fauna and flora, more than the whole of North America added up.  

Although the RMBR is a truly interesting and educational place albeit small, I won’t recommend you to go all the way to NUS just to see it, unless you stay near, because you may be disappointed at the number of the displays even though those range from insects to small mammals to big mammals (tiger etc) to sea creatures to plants. Since we have well over 500,000 specimens in total, I hope that one day we can have a larger and more established Biodiversity museum in the heart of the island like most other museums.  

While I won’t be going to any of the museums to squeeze with the general public this weekend (no time anyway, going blading again), the Asian Civilisations Museum, the Singapore Discovery Centre and the Mint Museums of Toys will be on my to-visit-soon list. The weird thing is that my friends don’t like to visit museums or places of interest like the zoo, the botanical gardens. They won’t be able to stand me as well because I can spend hours there and a fairly long time just looking at one single exhibit. And neither will I like it if anyone with me wants to rush through the place because it will defeat the purpose of being there in the first place. Luckily my parents, after bringing me up to be the peculiar character that I am, gave me two more sisters who share the same interests and therefore are best mates and company.

Otherwise, it’s fine too, since strangely, I can stand being on just my own. 😀

Or is that not strange?

Oh well, happy International Museum day!


(to the tune of Che’nelle’s “I fell in love with the DJ”)
Kicking around in the studio
Punching till we hear somebody say
Ooh, ooh, ooh

I fell in love with kickboxing, kickboxing
Getting intoxicated every Wednesday
It makes my heart go
Ooh, ooh, ooh



Yes, that was what we did for the CardioMix class last night and yes, it was Wednesday again. I can’t believe how time seems to fly. I hope that we can do kickboxing every lesson but it’s not called CardioMIX for nothing.

The funny thing was how some of the girls have actually been wearing shorts to class. Don’t they have common sense? How is a girl supposed to kick or raise her leg and maintain her modesty at the same time? I don’t think anyone else in class would wish to see your underwear, even if it’s Triumph and there’s a reason why those are called undergarments. They are supposed to stay under your clothes.

Seriously. Those girls are silly. Besides, there are a couple of male students in the class (all uncles…ok, maybe they don’t mind seeing the girls reveal here and there) and the (cute) instructor is a carrier of the XY chromosome as well. Wait, ok, I think I know why they are exposing themselves unnecessarily. They want to seduce the charismatic instructor. Yes, that would be the only valid reason to explain the phenomenon.     

Ooohhh, so 不要脸!

Anyway, clearly the instructor couldn’t take it. He told the class at the end of the lesson to wear longer pants next week. Haha, the poor dude must have been badly traumatized by the flashing underwear parade! 

LOL was clearing the Drafts folder in my email when I found some verses which I typed ages ago for some reasons and saved it as a draft. I seriously can’t remember why!!


他 靠得很近
我 屏住呼吸
他 毫不在意
我 试着不理


Gosh, I can’t believe I wrote these.


There must be some 琼瑶 lurking within me.

From Today (27th May 2008):

Ahhhhhh no wonder….

I thought our river always smelt so pungent!

But now that it’s smelly no more, I can finally sit at the outdoor area of the Corduroy Cafe At Vivocity and smell some real sea breeze!~

I noticed from my blog statistics that quite a number of people found my blog when they were searching for information on agnes b.

Hence I thought I should do these visitors a small favour by sharing with them what I got in my inbox a few days ago from the store:

It is the agnes b. GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!

Hurry down to the store now to grab that bag which you’ve always wanted to buy.

10% is a good discount when you are counting by the hundreds. 🙂

I remember a time when I was in junior college, during the honeymoon period or the now-defunct first three months for JC Year One students, I and three other friends stayed back in school late one night.

I can’t recall if it was after a training session which usually ended late in the evening or we simply stayed back in the canteen after lessons until the sky darkened, but armed with tea light candles, a lighter and probably some drinks (non-alcoholic of course! we weren’t of legal age yet and it was a school compound!), we went up to the rooftop. There we lit up the candles, placed them at strategic spots on the edges of the low boundary wall and appreciated the beautiful scenery from the rooftop.

It might be just a school but our school building was situated high up on a slope and we were in the Bukit Timah area, so the view overlooking the surroundings was actually quite breathtaking. With the residential estates there being mostly private, the place was rather dark as compared to a heartland, with lights coming mainly from the street lamps and the other prestigious schools beside and opposite ours. A sense of tranquility settled upon us quickly. It was a sight and experience not to be missed but I think I might be the very few students ever to have the chance. I mean, who else would be insane enough to come up there for no apparent reason after sunset?   

If there was a reason why we did that, well, I have no more memory of it. The guys took some chairs for all of us to sit and we started chatting. Neither could I recall what sparked off the conversation but one of the guys started talking about his parents’ pending divorce which was clearly traumatizing him. When he was done, I think he was a bit embarrassed because while the two of us were close enough for him to reveal his family secrets to me previously, it was the first time he told the other two friends. He joked about how his chair, which was really simply one of those classroom chairs with plastic blue seats and metal frames, must be special because it “made him babble about his troubles”.

He then decided that the rest of us should take turns sitting on HIS chair and talk about our deepest secrets. Our other two friends went first and second. The girl talked about a brother whom I had never heard of for the obvious reasons. He was violent and abusive, always scaring the wits out of her with an action as simple as a single bang of his bedroom door. He wasn’t close to anyone in the family. He was a brother whom she never really had. I never knew and one would never have guessed for she was a pretty girl who was smart, seemingly confident and eventually went on to be a lawyer. The other guy chatted about his delinquent past where he joined street gangs, smoked, drank and fought on the streets. Again, you wouldn’t have known just by looking at him. He was from a SAP school previously and he looked nothing like the usual hooligans on the streets.

When it was eventually my turn and I sat on that plastic blue seat already well warmed by its past three occupants, I found myself speechless. Before the two of them got their problems off their chests, I swore I could remember what I had planned to talk about when my turn was up. But after hearing what they had to say, I knew I had no more complaints about my life because all my so-called problems and worries just seemed so trivial in comparison. I just sat there, looked at them one by one for a few seconds and simply said, “I suddenly realise that I’ve no problems.”

Life is a very quaint thing and, truly, everything must have happened for a reason. I can’t remember which level the rooftop was on, how to get there and many other details regarding the school, but I will never forget that night when a firm knock was delivered right on top of my head and woke me up, shook me up and wisened me up right at that moment. 

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.”
                                                – Hugh Downs

I apologise for a lack of new posts.

I’ve been extremely busy over the past week preparing for my new website, my probable sideline. Even though the entire weekends were spent on the new blog at LiveJournal (other than the usual Saturday yoga session and going out for meals with my family) which is finally more or less completed, I still said probable because it can’t be successful until someone starts buying the items. (-.-)

My mum said “试一试咯” haha and the rest of the family have been supportive as usual. My youngest sis, the only person at home who actually does shop online, has been giving a fair amount of suggestions as well. I don’t know where we find the trust and faith in one another but we somehow just do all the time haha. I definitely have no complaint for this and it’s assuring that there’s always someone who has your back and whom you can fall back upon when you encounter a failure.  

Proudly presenting to you:

            The BLING Escape

No doubt that it’s my Internet-savvy sis who thought of this name (I insisted on having a BLING in the name haha). Other suggestions include the BLING Box/Cube/Philosophy/Haven and Kim Dang Dang. LOL (-.-). I’ve already uploaded all the finished items and there’s about five more to be started on and completed. I had wanted to use last weekend to finish everything up (all ten pieces), do the LiveJournal blog, take photos and put everything up but yes, that would never ever be possible. Thankfully, someone must have hit me on the head because I noticed that and decided to put whatever I had first, which ended up taking up my entire weekend.

It’s just insane. I’ve always thought that I have plenty of time on my hands since I’ve no commitment other than work, family, friends and myself. Once I started on this project however, I realised that I do not have as much time as I thought I had! Suddenly, a lot of time seems to go to my workout sessions like CardioMix and Yoga (actually only less than 4 hours per week), my meals out with my family (only a few hours on weekends) and mahjong/rollerblading/etcetcetc with friends, leaving nothing much for my craftswork and website!

I ended up sacrificing my sleep for it and I wouldn’t say I liked it very much, so I forced myself to retire early on the weekends. It was tough but beauty sleep is important. Time seemed to pass so fast when I worked too. Probably because I’m doing something which I truly enjoy. 😀 Good times fly by.

Anyway here are some images of a few items:

I don’t know what you think but personally, I simply adore them, especially the owl one. If I can’t sell that, I’ll gladly wear it myself but this will defeat the purpose of the new blog, won’t it?

I need to publicize The BLING Escape too but I don’t really know how to. I need to consult my sis again, I guess. Let me know if you have any brilliant idea that doesn’t need money haha.  

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