Ok, the post which failed to earn its rights to get published as it lost its focus was my complaints on how guys don’t read. And no, I don’t incude FHM magazines or pornography. (-.-) Nor textbooks for that matter.

Before you start retaliating about the untruthfulness of this supposed allegation, please hear me out: I do immediately recognise it as totally unfair because I’m ascertained that there are many men out there who do read and read good books. Unfortunately I’m not surrounded by any. My only explanation is that my guy friends are mostly from school and are usually from the same CCA. Guys who play sports competitively don’t seem to read. Okay, okay, before you start yelling your head off in mock protest at the computer screen, at least that seemed to be the case for my school, alright? No boys I knew of from the soccer team, the basketball team, the dragonboat/canoeing team and my own volleyball team has a habit of reading for leisure. As for the boys in my class, my clique hanged out most with the four slackers. They don’t even read lecture notes or textbooks let alone other reading materials.  

So none of my guy friends read. It’s not that they aren’t smart. Most of them are quite intelligent and excel academically. Furthermore, they are fun-loving, provide great company and mostly armed with a good sense of humor. I just don’t think they are very knowledgeable. Unless it comes to girls, pornography and of course, I guess, sex. *sigh* In fact, the last time I saw a buddy with a *gasp* library book, I was too shocked for words. I told him frankly albeit jokingly in a good mannered way that I couldn’t believe that he was actually reading. That was when he told me that the book was about alien cockroaches trying to take over the world. Seriously. I’m not joking. At that instant, I didn’t know whether to pat him on the back and encourage him for the efforts, or to laugh and pee in my pants. (-.-)

That said, it doesn’t make a man any less appealing even if he doesn’t read much, as long as there is something up there in his head amidst the grey and white matter. But I think reading ups the sexiness of a man! Really! I’ve a friend who once hyped about how his crush from his Medicine course (who of course looked as cute as a button too) read Forbe magazines for leisure. I understood the appeal but you know what my friend read? FHM. Enough said. Of course he didn’t get the girl. On the other hand, I once met a patient, an American Caucasian who’s an economist in a reputable international bank (his job alone drew instant awe), and he was reading a thick book on how the current Asean politics affect the global economy, as a bedtime “storybook”. I thought that was HOT. Except that he was in his 50s (but honestly looked like 30-40s instead, and still good-looking in the clean way) and married with children haha.

I realise that I look at men very differently nowadays as compared to how I would before I graduated from school. In the past, I would have cared more about whether he played sports or listened to music; now, other than the heart and body, I also place more focus on his brain, his knowledge, intelligence and wisdom.

Eh, wait, does that mean my expectations are higher now?? *horrified