You know how sometimes you start on a post and halfway through it, you start to ramble on things which other people (yes, that’s you) probably don’t give a hoot about. The entire post loses its course and you find yourself thinking to yourself, “what was my point supposedly?” as you painfully read what you’ve just typed. Then you click “Save” instead of “Ctrl A” and “delete” because it’s a painstaking flow of 700 words which has taken you more than 15 minutes and you think hopefully but most of the time just wishfully that perhaps you can edit it the next day so that it makes more sense and becomes more interesting, and actually really publish it. Despite knowing deep in your heart that it will simply sit pathetically in the Drafts folder like a used Christmas decoration for the next few days or even weeks before you hit the “Delete” button and dump it.

Do you know how that feels?

I know because that just happened to me.



Maybe it’s the freakingly sizzlingly HOT weather that has fried my cerebral cortex. (-.-) 

Some scribbling I did on the queue number slip given while waiting impatiently at the Admission Office (the place is supposed to be air-conditioned but seriously, set with ceiling-to-floor glass panels, it feels more like a greenhouse these days!)