Ah well, FUCK.

Today is Ben & Jerry’s free cone day, an annual tradition of this ice-cream maker that can create tsunamis with the saliva of people within a radius of a mile from a Ben & Jerry’s shop gaping at the numerous different flavours of their yummy ice-cream. On a free cone day, Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world would give away FREE ice cream scoops all day. For this year, the auspicious day falls on April 29, which is TODAY! 

I said fuck because I went with my colleagues to the nearest Ben & Jerry’s shop, which is at Vivocity, during lunch just now, all the time on the way there discussing what flavour to get and already imagining the taste of strawberry cheescake (my favourite) on my tongue. So imagine my disappointment and the horror when I saw the freaking queue. Fanatics were already stretching from the shop all the way around part of Level 2 and out and around the open-air playground in the centre of Vivocity. CRAZY. Even if I’ve a 2-hour lunch, there’s no way I will queue for it, so we left Vivocity without any ice-cream. What a let-down.

But honestly, what do you expect when it’s delicious and most importantly, FREE? That’s probably the favourite 4-letter word of most Singaporeans that starts with an “F”. And you had thought it would be “fuck” haha.

Anyway if you’ve the patience and the time, you can visit any of the participating outlets (The Cathay, Raffles City Shopping Centre, United Square, White Sands, VivoCity, Jurong BirdPark and Singapore Zoo) from 12 to 7pm today. Personally, I would advise you to try the last two outlets. I’m pretty certain that there won’t be much of a queue. Unless the birds and animals dash out of their cages and enclosures to queue, but that’s not quite likely. However I shall not doubt the lure of Ben & Jerr’s ice-cream.