Have you ever heard of the Sex ID?

(as adapted from the BBC website) This is a series of separate psychological tests related to brain sex differences that is created by the BBC with a team of psychologists and their laboratory staff. Basically, most scientists agree that men and women are of equal intelligence, but some believe that they may have differing mental strengths and weaknesses, on average. The reasons for these brain sex differences, if they exist, are not known, though there are a number of theories that offer possible explanations.

Originally, the Sex ID website was an online experiment which aimed to further investigate theories about brain sex differences and to make new discoveries. This experiment was completed by May 2005 and the BBC used the scientists’ analyses in the BBC One series Secrets of the Sexes. Thereafter, many questions were removed from the test to make it more enjoyable. The link which I provided above is the shortened version but the results profile will still be the same as completing the full-sized test, so you need not worry about its accuracy. 

I thought it was darn interesting because I would very much like to know how female/male I really am as I’ve never felt that I’m totally just either one. But that doesn’t mean that I’m uncertain of my own sexual orientation haha. Anyway the Sex ID is a fairly simple test which comprises of 6 mini ones and clear instructions are all given at the start of each test. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete the entire thing, so do give it a go if you can spare some time. Actually, I think it’s more ideal that you do the test first before looking through my results otherwise it might affect yours.  

Well, like I said, I’ve tried and here’s my results profile:

Ta-dah! It’s true! I’m neither here nor there! I’m somewhere in between! Looks like I’ve an androgynous mind. 🙂

Oh I love Part 1 the most! It’s a challenging game (ya I would say it’s a game) that resembles the type of IQ questions which we did in school for the psychometric test where we recognise the pattern and fill in the missing piece. Funny how I performed well for both tests with the first results saying that I’ve more of a male brain, and the second one saying a female brain haha. I suppose that’s how it all balances out in the end.

Well, I’m left-handed as many friends would know, which explains my results. Although I would say that I’m more ambidextrous because it’s just not practical in daily life to use only my left hand. You can’t use scissors or can openers with the left hand. In fact, I only use my left hand to write and to play volleyball (because I was trained by the coach right at the beginning to do so). For all other activities and sports (that involves rackets or tools), I use my right even though I can use my left too if I wish to. The same goes with holding chopsticks.

I was at Kinokuniya (I know, again) on Saturday, simply browsing through the books when I spotted this terribly fascinating book on the human brain in the Medical Section and started reading it on the spot. I’m utterly curious and intrigued with the brain because it controls so much of our bodies, what we do, feel and think, and yet there’s just so little that we know of it. Anyway there were little facts scattered all over the book in the different chapters and many of which revealed differences between left-handers and right-handers (90% of adult population). If you saw my Twitter, well there’s one right there haha. There’s one saddening fact which I saw and that’s probably one of the few unflattering facts regarding left-handers: We have a shorter lifespan. No freaking idea why, that’s just what statistics have shown, but hey you know what they say about statistics, they are numbers that lie haha!     

Just a quick sidenote – you know who’s the most popular left-hander in Singapore? Well, I think that’s probably our PM Lee. Because out of the 100 patients I’ve seen, whenever they saw me writing with my left hand, at least half of them would say, “Hey you write like Lee Hsien Loong!” I didn’t even know he’s left-handed in the first place!  

This was super fun. They give you sets of eyes to look at and 4 different types of emotions for each set to choose from where only one is correct. FUN. (^_^)

This is FASCINATING. This is where I can affirm that I’m abnormal haha. Because my index fingers are waaaayyy shorter than my ring fingers and the ratio is even smaller than the average male! Okay, so maybe I’ve been exposed to more testosterone in Mum’s womb and I don’t even have brothers. Damn, I should be crying in relief that I don’t have a moustache.

This is perfectly a spot-on even though when I was doing the test, I didn’t really know what they were testing for and the faces looked almost identical. You just have to depend on your gut feelings to choose. And may I say that my guts know my heart the best haha.

I must say that my results for this systemising part were poorer because it wasn’t until the 3rd question when I realised what it was that they wanted. (-.-) Then I went back to the previous questions to change my answers and time just ran out.

Ok, I’m full of excuses haha.

Don’t ask me about what happened with “grey”.

It was really an ACCIDENT. I do know words associated with “grey”.

Like concrete and clouds. And concrete.   

I’m pleased with my own results and I would say that the profile quite matched what I’ve always thought. Of course it’s possible and perfectly normal to be at either extreme, or simply nested somewhere in the middle. It’s never just black and white – there’s a continuum for biological sex, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. No matter where you lie on the continuum, it’s needless for you to feel anything but contentment. Regardless of what others might say. 🙂