My dad caught me doing a brand new mindless, ridiculous little dance as I sauntered my way from the living room to the basin and mirror to prep up before going out for lunch with the family.

I said it was brand new because I just made it up on the spot at that instant. My mind works in ways I don’t really grasp haha. I’m not a goofy person under the usual situations but when the occasion calls for it, I’m goofier than Goofy. I’ve no freaking idea what the occasion was for that segment of dance, but it’s actually pretty much the norm for me at home. I’ve plenty of silly dance moves under my sleeves but if you want to see it, you have to be a close friend haha. Actually I wasn’t doing it secretively because my sis was at the basin and I don’t care if my own family and friends see it. In fact, they’ve seen plenty because I like doing quirky jiggles out of the blue without any warning every now and then as the silly moves never fail to make people laugh and I like that.   

Anyway I looked back and there was my dad all smiles, probably thinking what a crazy arse his eldest daughter turned out to be. He gave me a nod which silently said, “What’s up with that?” and I returned an equally big beam, so big that my eyes probably crinkled at the corners which meant to say “How do you like that?“. I thought that was cute because we were like 5 metres apart and just smiling at one another, words unneccesary.

Unlike my sis who turned around, caught me in the act too and simply said, “神经病!” (-.-)

But well, that’s the norm too. They simply refuse to admit that I’m funny.