Try this – stretch your memory crazy with fun challenges designed by experimental psychologists from the University of Edinburgh.

“Crazy” is seriously an understatement because some of the challenges are so tough that they really make me sweat. (-.-) My scores weren’t too bad, exceling in aspects of memory binding, delayed recall, working memory span and spatial manipulation in working memory. As expected, I suck in memorising numbers because I can never remember phone numbers without noting the number down somewhere. However, my Mathematics has always been powderful, as with my languages like English. That’s of course because we memorise formulae, not numbers.  

The website says that most people will not be able to get everything right and people with normal memories can have low scores, so don’t worry, just give it a try if you can spare 20 minutes. 🙂

Update: Urgh, I forgot. Now, that doesn’t bode too well for my memory, does it? Anyway here’s a list of surveys and psychological tests out of which you might be interested in some.