I became a fan of agnès b after seeing some of the collections on magazines (I love flipping the glossy pages of magazines). I think I’m attracted to the simplicity and classiness of the designs, the fine lines and of course, the cursive font of the brand logo which I thought simply exudes class.

Last Saturday, I was bored to death being alone at home with Dad. I love my dad but sometimes he drives me nuts as he’s a bit of a cleanliness freak and is always cleaning the house regardless of the time. When he cleans, he makes a huge ruckus of bumping the chairs around with the broom or mop (he doesn’t really bother moving the things around before sweeping/mopping the floor) or dropping the plates and cups when washing the dishes (makes a point to break one item every time). Not exactly my idea of a quiet time at home (-.-). Hence on an impulse, I decided to go shopping alone to visit the agnès b section at Isetan Wisma Atrium and see if there’s any suitable buy.

I wasn’t disappointed! Even though the range of bags and accessories (Voyage) wasn’t very extensive, a black medium-sized black tote and a black wallet caught my eye almost immediately. Okay, actually the wallet’s a cardholder but it’s spacious enough for me to use as a wallet to put my coins, notes and cards (^_^). I like it how each agnès b item comes in limited pieces because it sure ain’t fun to spot people carrying the same stuff on you as you walk down Orchard Road. Both my purchases were actually the last pieces but I never mind buying the last piece as long as the item’s in relatively good condition and I absolutely fancy it.   

I adore this tote because I think it can go with both casual and slightly dressier getups. Although I favour the former purpose because almost all the bags which I own are quite dressy and not really suitable to use when I dress down. And you won’t believe it if I say I’ve no black bag except for a small Aldo handbag. Haha it’s true! I’ve no idea why but my bags are all in colours like hot pink, gold, bronze, red etc!

And of course I totally heart the agnès b logo. (^     ^)

When the bag was on display, it had a similar bag charm on it. I was sad when I told the sales guy (who was totally cuuuuttteeeee by the way) to get me one and he informed me that the bag charm didn’t come with it (-      -). Yes, if I wanted it, I must buy it separately. God knows what made me say this but I almost immediately asked him “Then how much is this?” followed by an almost insane “I want one of these as well.”

Okay, maybe it was because he was CUTE (^_^).

He ended up taking me on a mini tour around the showcases to take a look at all the bag charms available so that I could choose one. (^        ^) I ultimately bought the one as seen in the photo. It’s a highly bling-ed letter “b”, as in “b” in agnès b. I like how it dresses up my black tote instantly.

Did I mention that he’s cute?

Anyway, here’s the cardholder/wallet:

Once again, I dig the logo.

Kill me, please. I’m insane.

My purchases got me a free agnès b perfume as well but the stocks have not arrived yet, so the cute guy will give me a call once they come. (^_^)

I’m certain that won’t be the last time I’m seeing him because I’m now on their mailing list which is fantastic. I want to quickly run down to the nearest agnès b store once their new collection arrives and I spot an item of desire so that I won’t be getting the last piece, that’s if I manage to get my hands on one at all.

And oh, did I say that the CUTE guy will be CALLING me?? (^ ^)