When I went Bugis to have lunch with my biggest fan last Friday, I popped into Diva to kill time as I waited for her to reach (I was early). I didn’t expect myself to be swept into a state of frenzy upon seeing the rings.

I love accessories because you can wear unbranded clothes (but in classic designs of course) and still manage to look chic by donning some matching accessories. In fact, with the same top but different accessories, one can create more than one look. Accessories are probably the least expensive way to spice up one’s closet. 

I don’t really wear necklaces because I prefer to wear earrings, and to have a necklace and big earrings on at the same time is as crowded as Orchard Road on weekends. My latest favourite is of course, as you’ve seen previously in my post sometime ago, the wide bangles and cuffs. And I’ve scarves and belts enough to shame an average girl. But a must-have for me, and believe me when I say it’s a MUST-HAVE because I feel insecure and naked without one when I go out, is a ring. It’s singular because I only wear one at a time and always on my left middle finger, but I admit, I’ve way too many rings.    

I think the whole addiction/obsession with rings started when I was in Primary Six and it was absolutely the latest trend to have girlfriends wearing rings in the same design – “friendship” ring, like how we’d friendship wristbands later on in secondary school. My mum bought me a few of a ring which I chose personally one day. It was a simple gold band with some turquoise details in the centre. In fact, I still keep the ring haha but I’m too lazy to dig it out and take a shot to show you. Anyway that’s basically how it began and sadly, it has not stopped since then.

Diva drove me mad (in a good way haha) last Friday because the stocks have probably just arrived not too long ago and for once, the rings actually still have the S-sized ones! It’s quite difficult to buy rings because my fingers are skinny although very short (but that’s great because otherwise I would have short stumpy fingers (-.-)) and I can’t wear anything bigger than the small size/size 8. Which is why whenever I see rings that I fancy and come in the correct size, I just have to buy them! That really explains why I bought three rings at one go last Friday. I’m not a spendthrift, I’ve to justify it.

Lately I really like buying rings that come in a set because it just diversifies the way you can wear the rings. I chose this (and it was tough making decisions because there were definitely more than three which I spotted and fancied) because it’s casual and yet quite smart (red, black and white/in this case silver makes a cool match). My rings are mainly quite dainty or highly bling-ed. This will match if I am in more casual wear.  

This is my favourite buy of the day!!!~ Isn’t the rose cute?? I’ve always wanted to buy something a bit girly and flowery but the usual roses out there are just plastic and fake, not the feeling which I wanted. This is simple yet elegant, and I like the intricate details on the sides of the band.   

Like I said previously, I dig such rings these days. Thinking back, I could actually have given this a miss and saved some money because I do have a ring of this color, but what the heck! I can have at least 3 different looks with this set of rings and the highly affordable price makes it a worthy purchase.

Look ONE:  

Look TWO:


And have I said that I own A LOT OF RINGS?

Honestly, this is a bad estimate of what I really possess because these are just what I wear on a regular basis. I dropped and lost too rings (it’s too painful to remember how many exactly) because my finger is too skinny and being in air-conditioned places simply makes it much more loose. In fact, I used to buy expensive rings but because I lost them just like that sometimes, I got fed-up and decided to buy inexpensive ones so that it wouldn’t cause so much pain if I lost any. Moreover, I threw away quite a number of my old rings because I don’t wear those designs anymore. I don’t like to keep things which I no longer use because they occupy too much space and more importantly, they remind me how wasteful I’m when I buy home new stuff haha.  

Cyn said I’ve a ring fetish but I beg to differ because where will it leave my bags and shoes??