It’s eerie with a capital “E”.

Yesterday my sis told me with this incredulous look on her face, that I laughed out loud twice in my sleep the night before.

Not once, but twice.

As usual, I was already asleep. I’m usually in bed at about 11pm-1am. On nights when I’m utterly bored and there’s nothing interesting to watch on TV, I can go to bed before 10pm. My sleeping habit disgusts my colleagues who don’t catch a single wink until about 3am and they start work earlier than me. I can’t help it – I simply love sleeping and I feel that sleep is way too important to cut down on. Mum said I used to go to bed punctually at 8pm every night right after the news during primary school just because my teacher told us to. (-.-) Uh-huh, I’m that crazy haha. These days I get at least 6 hours per night but it never feels enough and I always doze off on the bus to work. I think I probably need about 9 hours to feel super good. On Sundays, I usually wake up in the afternoon after at least 10-12 hours of quality sleep. I hope I’m sleeping just the right amount because research has shown that too little or too much sleep increases mortality. (T    T)  

Ok, this isn’t me *in shaggy’s voice*. It’s from Getty lah.

Anyway my sis was just innocently sitting on her bed in the dark (I detest sleeping with lights on – I can but I hate it), probably putting on some moisturizer before bedtime, when she thought she heard me make a sound that seemed like laughter in my sleep. She couldn’t really believe her own ears and thought to herself, “Seriously, she’s laughing in her dream?!” That was when I laughed again and confirmed what she really heard.

I thought this is hilarious. I always claim to my sis (who talks and grinds her teeth in her sleep – she can be damn noisy at night sometimes haha) that I don’t sleep talk, even though if I do, she will be the one to know since we share the same bedroom and not myself since, well, I’m already asleep. Apparently, she has heard me talk in my sleep previously, just one or two sentences that she couldn’t really make out. Why, honestly, should I be surprised since our dad shouts in his sleep too? Ok, I think he’s just grumbling or maybe scolding someone in his dream but since his usual volume is higher, his sleep talking is darn loud too haha.    

Haha I can already imagine this: if we ever go overseas for a holiday and share a hotel room together, we will easily be the noisiest one around (not counting those who are keeping themselves busy with, hmm, other activities, of course) .