Due to work commitments, my mum is unable to find the time and energy to cook dinner for the family until end May. This started about 2 to 3 weeks ago and I can tell you that it was killing me at the beginning.

My mum is a terrible cook. It’s true and I tell everyone that. She has absolutely no interest in cooking or baking. She definitely likes eating more, but even so, she’s not a big food lover as well. I notice that I do take after her in this aspect too because 1) I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, reading recipe books, sharing recipes or even baking which most girls love, 2) I’m a lousy cook (unless you count instant mee) and 3) I don’t love to eat (I eat to live). But still, I almost always enjoy what my mum cooks because she always cooks our favourite dishes. My mum can’t cook fancy dishes like sweet and sour pork, chicken rice, curry or whatever you can find in a foodcourt. Her best dishes are probably simple fares like stir-fried veggies and…hmm…I can’t think of anything else. Perhaps sunny side up haha. That’s why I say she’s a terrible cook – she only knows the few old dishes and cooks the same fare every week. (-.-) Despite the ease of such dishes, she can still find ways to mess up sometimes.

I know that her cooking sucks but I hardly complain because I also realise the efforts she’s putting in. Cooking is honestly something like a chore for women like us, and yet she’s willing to do it for her family. Very often, I would even praise her cooking if she didn’t manage to screw anything somehow. It’s really not just the children who need encouragement or compliments from the parents, it’s also true vice versa. However, the biggest detractors of Mum’s cooking have to be Dad and my da-mei. My xiao-mei is very sensible in the sense that she’s a very giving person, especially towards her family and friends, so she doesn’t complain much. On the other hand, my da-mei is a chip off the old block (ie my dad). They mean no harm but they like to criticize this and that very often. Of course my mum won’t be spared. Afterall it’s always far easier to take it out on a close one.

Now that my mum isn’t going to prepare dinner, you would think that the two of them would be the happiest and popping champagne to celebrate the end of “torturous” dinners. *deh* You are so wrong. Now both of them are complaining that Mum’s attempting to starve them to death. Hrmph, I wish haha. Anyway as always, it ends up being my xiao-mei and I who have to suffer the most because now we’ve to take turns (or together) to buy dinner home for everyone. (-.-) 

We grew sick of hawker food fairly fast considering that we all have our breakfast and lunch outside. We got so desperate (ok lah, it’s actually my da-mei because she much much prefers home-cooked food) that I volunteered to make dinner last Saturday. No photos were taken of the end-products so you would have guessed that it didn’t go too smoothly (o_O). My stir-fried cauliflower turned out to look like mashed potato somehow but it was definitely edible and not too repulsive haha. The deep-fried cornflake-coated pork fillets were not too bad, I guess. The coming weekend may be another chance to try my hands at other dishes (and spoiling them as well).      

Last night, my dad whipped up some veggies as well and asked for my opinion while I was having dinner (my family doesn’t have the habit of eating dinner together on the dining table, except for the annual reunion dinner). I replied that it wasn’t too bad albeit a little too salty. Which was true except for the salty part. The veggies tasted like they’d been bathed in salt beforehand haha. But my dad can do with a little encouragement too.

This morning, however, I woke up with diarrhea. Those veggies are high up on my suspect list. (-.-)