One fine Saturday afternoon at the end of the yoga session (anyway we always finish off with a short period of relaxation followed by some casual/informative conversation with the entire class), my yoga instruction Chandra suddenly looked at me and asked me a question, “What’s your favourite food?”

I sit right in front of him and given my character, I think that has not been by choice. I say that because in school, I was never the type to run all the way to the front of the lecture hall or classroom and throw myself into the seat nearest to the teacher or lecturer. But neither was I one of those who would make a beeline to the last row. Unless I expected the lesson to be utterly boring or unimportant because whenever I sat at the last row, I tended to space out or doze off. I would always grab a seat somewhere in the middle of the room so that I would be able to hear the lecturer or see the projection screen clearly. If you were to find me among the front rows, it would definitely be because I was late and all the seats available were right in front.

If I didn’t recall wrongly, that seemed to be the case for my yoga classes. In the first few lessons, everyone else quickly threw their yoga mats on the floor at the back of the class, spread them out and flung themselves on their mats. I’m relaxed, ie SLOW, so my girls and I could only sit at the front. After a few sessions, we all stick to the same positions automatically. It also makes things easier for Chandra to remember our names and subsequently our attendence.    

Anyway because of my location, it’s easy to kena questions from Chandra and frankly speaking, this was a seemingly simple question: “What is your favourite food?” But I was actually dumbfounded (-.-). After a pregnant pause, I asked him, even though I knew I didn’t hear wrongly, whether he meant food or fruit. It seemed absurd but I don’t need a minute to tell you what my favourite food is – I LOVE papayas. And bananas. If I see a papaya or banana tree with ripening fruits hanging on it, I will be very tempted to take out my folding chair, unfold it, sit down and wait for the fruit to ripen so that I can gobble them up.

But my favourite food? I did try to ponder seriously for a good minute before admitting that I do not know. Chandra was astonished as he really couldn’t believe that I didn’t have an answer. Well, I blame it on the student in the earlier class who could say “char kway teow” promptly when Chandra posed the same question to him. Kudos to that fellow but I honestly did not have the answer then and neither do I at this moment.

There’s a long list of food which I like. I like sandwiches to the extent that I can have them for breakfast every single day and not feel sick. I like kaya toast particularly those from Yakun which is why Yakun is a must-have if it’s within 50 metres of my stomach. I like porridge with youtiao. I like fried beansprouts. I like hotdog buns. I like chicken wings. I like Chinese soups. I like Cookie and Cream ice-cream. I like cheese cake. I like carrot cake (not the cheese cake kind). I like chicken rice. I like scrambled eggs with baked beans, franks and bacon.

The list can go on and on and complete a 21km marathon, but if you must have me state my favourite, I can’t do it!!! *grab my hair frantically* I CAN’T!!! Don’t force me to!!!

You might be sneering at me now, thinking what a complete arse I must be, not being able to answer a simple question like this, but if you ask yourself the same question, I bet many of you don’t have an exact answer to this too. (o_O)

Hey, wait, oh no, what’s my favourite colour??