Bought two lovely cards from this shop named “Art Friends” if I didn’t recall wrongly, which is at level 3 (??) of Vivocity yesterday. Aiyah, it’s just beside Daiso, so you can’t miss it haha. Anyway I suppose I’m really kuku, but I’ve honestly never heard of Daiso before until from my colleagues about a month ago and my colleagues couldn’t believe me. Even so, I’d never stepped into any of the “wonderful” (as exclaimed by my colleagues) Daiso shops before, with yesterday being my first haha.

I suppose it’s true, that there’s much that one can buy at Daiso. If I’d the cash to spare, you would have spotted me with a basket full to the brim with Daiso items yesterday. I’m the 买了再说 type haha, so I used to, and fortunately, much less frequently these days, buy things that I found pretty and probably of some use once I could come up with any after buying it. That’s kinda extravagant because if you’ve to find some use for the item after you buy it, instead of buying it for some specific purpose set beforehand, then you most likely won’t need it. You may want it but you definitely don’t need it haha.

Gosh, was looking through some forum on Daiso and I realised that Daiso sells masks like these:

Damn, the mask on the left is the one that L wore in “Death Note 2”!!! I can’t find a picture of him in that mask now but if you’ve watched “Death Note 2”, you’ll know this mask! L looked so hilarious in it!


Ok, that’s probably a characteristic of a 干物女 haha. You might think why the hell I would want this mask for but hey, that’s why it’s a “want”, not a “need”. Besides, it’s only TWO dollars. I can’t even eat chicken rice with this teeny amount these days. And you think I won’t dare to wear it out? I tell you I will haha. Maybe on Halloween haha.  

But urgh, that forum’s dated in 2007 (T   T). Daiso most likely doesn’t carry these masks anymore. *pout*   

Anyway back to the original topic, erm, what topic, you might say haha. I’ve digressed so much that it’s not weird if you did forget (-.-). Yes, the cards haha!

Here’s the first one: 

So sweet right? And the inside of the card is equally pretty, because it has a paler, slightly enlarged image of the same design on one side (with a blank page on the other side for writing):

The adorable angel girl blowing flower petals from her hands at the bottom is actually the design on the envelope!!! Very cool right? I love it when the card comes with an equally delightful envelope. Makes the entire package complete. (^_^)

This is the second card which I bought for my sis whose birthday is coming in May. She loves animals, being a blooming biologist herself, so I thought that this card will be perfect:  

I think giraffes look darn amusing, so I find this envelope really pleasing:

The entire series comes with several other designs, mainly of mythical creatures like mermaids, fairies etc. I like all of them because they look so mysterious and alluring at the same time, but they go at S$4.90 each, not exactly cheap, so I can’t possibly collect them all. (-.-) *sigh* But I do love seeing pretty things. Makes my mood prettier too, even though temporarily. Anyway these cards are for a good cause as they are made from tree-free alternatives. So if you are buying cards for birthdays or special occasions, why not spend the same amount of money on more environmental-friendly equivalents? I bought both with the intention to give them away in the near future, so I’m not being a spendthrift here. And yes, PLEASE SAVE THE TREES!!!

But do buy cards only when you really need them because in this way, you save other plants (not just the poor trees) like the Kenaf over here too haha.