One of the latest YouTube crazes started off with Adam Sevani and Jon M. Chu issuing a challenge to Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux. 

Hmm, who, you might ask haha??

Firstly, Jon Chu is the director of the movie “Step Up 2 The Streets” and Adam Sevani plays Moose in the same movie. God, I just found out that Adam is only 16!!! Darn!!! That’s damn young! Anyway, Miley Cyrus is this American actress/singer/songwriter who made it big by her role in Disney’s “Hannah Montana” (huh, what??), and Mandy Jiroux is her BFF cum back-up dancer (I think). Not sure about Mandy (because I’m way too lazy to Google it), but damn, that Miley is also 16! (-.-) I’m like almost a decade older.  

Anyway, the two girls have been posting videos of what they call “The Miley & Mandy Show” on YouTube and the two fellas decided to make a video to challenge them to the biggest online dance battle ever” (or so they called it) and similarly post it on YouTube.

Well, here’s the video:

In response, of course the girls retaliated with their own version of Madonna’s “4 Minutes”:

Get this, the guys name themselves ACDC and the ladies M&M Cru with a U. Ok, fine, whatever. *roll eyes*

Nevertheless, all’s cool in my opinion haha. The dancers in both videos were brilliant and the M&M Cru with a U (gosh this long name tangles my tongue up!) one earns an extra scream (ok, plus shrieking) from me because *gasp* Channing Tatum is in it!!!~ *faint*

But apparently, the diva herself, yes, the half-a-century-old Madonna herself is not exactly thrilled by the video.

In fact, she got so pissed that she made her own video in response! (T             T)

LOL watch this yourself!

Darn, she’s already the diva. Need she be sooooo petty?? Shouldn’t she treat it as a compliment that people are actually using her latest music to dance to?

This is all just so making mountains out of molehills. (-.-)